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Me me ME!!^-^

Name:Valerie a.k.a Unicorngurl180

Age: Almost 21!! Wohoo!!

Interests: Dungeons and Dragons, writing (fantasy), skiing, swimming, reading, dancing, going to clubs, designing web pages, making icons, and drawing/ creating art, and watching anime *Phew*

Favorite Animals: Dogs, cats, horses, and unicorns!! Yes unicorns count as animals, cause I beleive they're real! ^-^

Favorite Foods: Anything italian or chinese!!! Yummieness!!!!! ^-^

Goals in life:Become an English professor, and teach Creative Writing. Publish a novel, or three. Fall in love. Get married. Have a bunch of kids. Not necessarily in that order :)

What I'm doing currently:Attending college to get my bachelors in English and CW

Favorite color:Purple

Favorit music:Punk, rock and hiphop

Favorite movies:Anything by Monty Python, Mell Brookes, or Kevin Smith and most anime