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Hey guys, I thought I could make a NEWS page, so that you always know whats going on here. At least the important things that I remember to put on here. :-)

-Go and visit my school home page. Go to Schoolhomepage . Just look around, it is an interesting page of The Colony High School. Home of The Cougars! --I am back in Germany. My e-mail address:

--Well, I am saving money so that I will be able to VISIT The Colony next summer!!! I am working as a bartender and I make some good money.

--Everything is going well for me, school is better then I thought, got my old friends back, family. But I still miss you guys from TC!!!!

--Once I have a scanner I will put new pictures up of my friends and family here in Germany. The other pages of my year in the States are of course still existing.

--I started my Germany page....there are not many pics yet but I am working on it. Go check it out!

--I moved to Münster, where I study at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. My majors are English and History.