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My family here and some stories.

Those are my host parents, Kim and Wayne, in front of the christmas tree.

That was on The State Fair. We were in a ferris wheel and it was awesome...we could see the skyline from Dallas. Wayne, me and Greg.

Meine Gastschwester Christina und ihr Freund David.

My sister Christina and her boyfriend David.

Mein Gastvater Wayne, Greg und ich im Skycoaster. Das ist so aehnlich wie Bungeespringen.Seht ihr den Turm im hintergrund? Da wird man raufgezogen und dann lassen die dich fallen, und du heizt da runter und denkst du stirbst. Es war nur geil. :-)

This was during my first week in the States...we went to Hurricane Harbor, and there was this skycoaster...of course we had to try it. It was so awesome...but scary! You think you will die when you finally head down. You can see the tower in the background...that's how high it is.

That's my Mom,Kim. She is just preparing a turkey for was very good.

That is my other host brother Steven, with Greg behind him, playing computer games. I had to win their attention first to photograph them. :-)

Pictured here are Christina and me picking the rentiers nose. We were in the middle of a restaurant and everybody looked at us and laughed but the picture now is worth it. We had fun. :-)

That's my uncle Bill. He is from Florida and he visited us for a couple of days. He is really cool and I like him a lot. Here he was a little tired after a good meal and sleeps in the big chair.

That's my grandpa here in the States. He lives in Florida. he came out to visit us for a week. He is 86, but he is still in a wonderful shape.....he still drives too...I had some fun experiences with him.

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