Until The End Of Time

Album - Until The End Of Time

Release date - 1999




Yeah, ballad of a dead soulja
Its just the balled of a dead soulja
This is the ballad of a dead soulja
Ballad of a dead soulja

[Verse 1]
The plan
to take command of the whole family
Though underhanded
to be the man it was planned
all my road doggs
official mob figures
love to act up
the first to bomb when we rob niggaz
I could be
lost in my own mind
to be the boss only thoughts
grippin chrome nines
niggaz get tossed up
war scars battle field memories
swore saw the devil in my empty glass of Hennessey
talking to a nigga on a tight leash
screaming fuck the police
as I ride through the night streets
little child running wild
towards his danger
what's the cause
don't be alarmed death to all strangers
maybe I'm a mad man
a pistol grabbing nigga
unleash the sand man
promise a merciless retaliation
nothing is colder
close your eyes
hear the ballad of a dead soulja

(Thug for Life I will lead)
Its just the ballad of a dead soulja
(A Life of Crime I will lead)
Close your eyes, hear the ballad of a dead soulja
(If you play the game you play to win)
This just the ballad of a dead soulja
(it's a crazy world full of sin)
Close your eyes

[Verse 2]
Completely lost
revenge at all costs
pay backs a bitch
switch now the tricks crossed
tossed up and never to be heard of
a single witness screaming bloody murder, murder
tell me homey what ya see now
a blind man and a dead body
I'm meant to leave town
And get my cash though
Hook up wit Kastro
Homey had to blast on the task force
Stupid coppers tryin' to play us out
'member that
they took my money and my stash
time to get it them back
I pull my secret arrival
2Pac four fives (.45) time for survival
death to my rivals
tell me what you want lord?
Nobody laugh after the death of a drug lord
the situations critical
Nothing is colder
than hear the ballad of a dead souja


[Verse 3]
Be a coward put your hands to the moon
when my glocks rang out
them niggas came out
who wanna see me in a challenge
so merciless I'm terrifying niggas in my ballad
do u feel me?
capo or capi-tan
one day ill be the Don
until then I remain strong
my only fear of death is reincarnation
busting at my adversaries like a mental patient
To all my niggaz facing sixty years
Sheding tattoo tears
another suicidal on the tier
take a private plane
trying to survive the game 
for all my homies that'll never be alive again
All they promised us is death nigga
take a breath could be the last one left nigga
its real now, uh
feel it and fantasize
ain't nothing colder
listen you can hear it, the ballad of a dead soulja


This go out to Kato 'n Mental
(This is the ballad of the dead soulja)
All the niggaz that have passed away
(Close your eyes, Ballad of a Dead Souljah)
Mutulu, Geronimo, Seyku
All the down ass ridahz
All the niggaz that put it down 
All the souljaz
All the niggaz that go through that day to day struggle
(This is the ballad of the dead soulja)
All the niggaz that passed on
All the niggaz with ambition and money in their heart
All the niggaz want some and that dont take none, hahaha
(This is the ballad of the dead soulja)
The police is so scared of us
All the feds, they aware of us
They wanna see us dead, 
They got pictures of a nigga hit
(Ballad of the dead soulja)
Try and see me in chains
Shit, them niggaz will never breath again
Before they put me in a cell they'll see me in hell
(Cos this Ballad of the dead soulja)
Got my pistols cocked
Run the whole mutha fucken block
Fuck the cops
The police? We run these streets nigga
(And this Ballad of the dead soulja)
Heh, these niggaz cant see me
Half the world wanna be me
Shit, it ain't fair
But nigga-you know
It's the ballad of a dead soulja



oh, who hoo hoo
live from the crazy house
you heard that shit nigga
live from the crazy house
yo that nigga be crazy as hell

(hey yo, what you doing with that big ass nigga anyway ?)
my ghetto love song
(set it off, set it off)
lets be friends

mixed together:
(where my niggaz at, where my niggaz, where my niggaz, where my niggaz, where my niggaz at)
(where my real niggaz at, all  my real niggaz, throw you mother fucking hands up)
(c'mon, lets go, lets go, lets go, lets see you throw you hands in the air, throw em, throw em, throw em)
(west side in this mother fucker right here, west side)
(throw you hands in the air, let me see you just throw you hands in the air)

[Verse 1]
approach you and posed a minute
all on my double R tinted
as you pass bye
winkin' my eye
freshly scented
what's the haps baby, look
get with me and perhaps lady
you can help me multiply my stacks baby
currency seems small I need companionship
do with that scandalous shit
I bet your man ain't shit
so why you hesitating, actin' like your shit don't stink
check out my diamonds
bitch everyone gon' blink
this be a thug thing, outlaw
nigga with riches cream dreamin' mutha fucka
on a mash for bitches
check my resume, sippin' on crystal and alize
smoking on big weed, key'd the Cali way
don't like trickin' but I'll buy you a fit
I can't stand no sneaker wearing, nappy haired bitch
let my pedigree read briefly
their so cheap
puttin bitch made bustas to sleep with no grief
mash on my so called car
who the man while I'm tuggin' on your main bitch hand
(west side)
understand this, ain't no nigga like me
fuck Jay-Z
he broke and I smoke dearly
(C'mon y'all)
baby lets be friends

lets be friends
(where my niggaz at c'mon)
you ain't gotta by my man at all
as long as you just give me your
(all my niggaz c'mon)
while you trickin' on them other hoes
lets be friends
(where the bitches that want a nigga with money, where you at baby?)
(hu, huh)
Lets be friends
you ain't gotta by my man at all
as long as you just give me your
(cash making hoe's)
while you trickin' on them other hoes
lets be ...

[Verse 2]
I met you and I stuttered in passion
though slightly blinded
but at last, it was hard to keep my dick in my pants
every time you pass, got me checking for you hardcore
staring and watching
me and you
one on one, picture countless options
was it prophecy, clear as day ?
visions on top of me
erotic, psychotic, would possess my body
far from a crush
I wanna bust your guts
and touch everything inside you, from my head to my nuts
you got my sweatin' like a fat girl going for mine
just a skinny nigga fuckin like she stole my mind
back in time, I recall how she used to be
I guess
money and fame made ya used to me
what's up in 96 ?
lying tricks in drag
fuck Dre
tell that bitch he can kiss my ass
back to you
my pretty ass, caramal queen
got my hands on your thighs
now let me in between
as friends

lets be friends
(west side in this mother fucker right here)
You ain't gotta by my man at all
as long as you just give me your
(west side in this mother fucker)
while you trickin' on them other hoes
lets be friends
(west side in this mother fucker right here)
Lets be friends
You ain't gotta by my man at all
as long as you just give me your
(in this mother fucker right here)
while you trickin' on them other hoes

[Verse 3]
can you image in me in player mode ?
rush the tricks
I got em, ready for a booty call
I fucked your bitch
was it me or the fame ?
my dick or the game ?
bet I screamed west side when I came
scream my name
cause baby it's delicious
got a weak spot for pretty bitches
up and down, similar to switches
my movement, baby let your back dip into it
make it fluent
in and out, all around when a nigga do it
you got me high, let me come inside
love it when you get on top, baby let me ride
who wanna stop me ?
in my top notch
fucking player hating niggaz cause they cock block
you probably hate to see a real thug envisioned with the game
rather see a nigga up in prison, why you change ?
made a living out of cuss words, liquor and weed
a bad seed turned good, in this world of g's
baby got me fantasizing of seeing you naked
it's a fuck song, so check my record
and let me friends

where my niggaz at?
show me where my niggaz at
where my bitches at?

lets be friends
where my niggaz at ?
where my bitches at ?
throw your guns in the air
my ghetto love song, it goes on and on and on and on
lets be friends
where my niggaz at ?
where my bitches at ?
where my niggaz at ?
where my niggaz at ?
where my bitches at ?
where my people at ? Lets be
where my people at?, Show me where my people at.
where my people at?, Show me where my people at.
where my people at?, Show me where my people at.
all my niggaz now, just my niggaz come.
where my niggaz at ?
just my niggaz now.
be friends, tell me where my niggaz at ?
be friends, tell me where my bitches at ?
be friends, tell me where my people at ?
make money, take money
be friends

(get your cash on)
(lets get money)
You ain't gotta by my man at all
as long as you just give me your
(c'mon, get your cash on)
while you trickin' on them other hoes
(lets get paid)
lets be friends
(c'mon, get your cash on)
You ain't gotta by my man at all
(lets get paid)
as long as you just give me your
(c'mon, get your cash on)
while you trickin' on them other hoes
(lets get paid)
make money, take money
make money, take money
make money, take money
make money, take money



Fucking Lil' Homies
Everybody Ducking
My fucking Lil' Homies
Lil' Homies
Everybody Ducking

[Verse 1]
Just pay attention, here's a story bout my lil' homey
Str8 thuggin', lil bad young mother fucka, you gotta love him
You can catch him in his G-Ride clutching his glock
Screaming outlaw, (west side) mashing on my enemies block
Educated on these cold streets
Getting money, making dummies out the police
Ain't no peace for an adolescent nigga to wild to be a thinker
Bud smoking 24-7, everyday drinking
I got my diploma but I never learned shit in school
Mo money, mo bitches, mo murder fool
Always the young niggaz getting in shit
She wouldn't stop to conversate so you called her a bitch
Bustin' on paper thin mother fuckas
Drinkin' gin before you get to sinnin' on them bustas
Emptied his clip, passed by like he didn't know me
Everybody duckin'
My fucking lil' homies

Lil' homies on the ride
(Yeah nigga)
Niggaz gonna die tonight
Let's get, high tonight
(My lil' homies)
Lil' homies on the mash
Runnin' from all these punk police
Cause lil' niggaz run the streets

Lil' homies on the ride
Niggaz gonna die tonight (Die tonight)
Let's get, high tonight (High tonight)
Lil' homies on the mash
Runnin' from all these punk police
Cause lil' niggaz run the streets

[Verse 2]
I remember, when we was just a little G
Flirting with death, playing Russian Roulette
Screaming Kill Me!
Hey there young nigga what you smoking on
Mad at the world cause you came from a broken home
Let us sob cause your mom's is sick
A bunch of adolescent young niggaz spittin' major shit
Tell me, young nigga if you died let me know
Would your heart feel pain, watching as your mother cry?
Would all your homies ride ?
Or would they all get high, and talk about how you died?
Young niggaz on a mission to complete
Getting g's, packin' heat, bringin' havoc to the fuckin' streets
Nobody knows why he took a 4-4 and unloaded on the whole front row
Try to tell him but he act like he don't know me
Pull out his pistol and show
My lil homies

Chorus + Background talking

[Verse 3]
First to bomb, 16 on death row
Busting on them phony mother fuckas cause the big homey said so
Niggaz knew, I was a nutcase quick to blast
Living under age but he'll blaze on your bitch ass
Is there a heaven for a G?
And if there is, will I finally get to be at peace?
On these streetz ain't no peace
Shell shocked shows making money off of crack sales
Young black male
Unable to change, cause it's a cycle
Plus nobody knows, the evil that they might do
Lil' Moo, Big Yak, K-Kastro
Big Malc, Hussein call them Outlawz
Telling the world to be equipped, when these young mother fuckas rip shit
They don't quit, shoot down on me
Pull a pound on me
Bust like they didn't know me
My fucking lil' homies

Lil' homies on the ride
(What's up nigga?)
Niggaz gonna die tonight
Let's get, high tonight
(My lil' homies)
Lil' homies on the mash
(Lil' bad ass mother fucking adolescents)
Runnin' from all these punk police
Cause lil' niggaz run the streets
(My Lil Homies)

Lil' homies on the ride
(What the fuck you niggaz wanna do?)
Niggaz gonna die tonight (Die tonight)
(What nigga?  My fucking Lil' Homies)
Let's get, high tonight (High tonight)
Lil' homies on the mash
(16, 15, 13. My fucking Lil' Homies)
Runnin' from all these punk police
Cause lil' niggaz run the streets

Lil' homies on the ride
(Juvenille delinquents ready to bust on you mother fuckas)
Niggaz gonna die tonight
Let's get, high tonight
(What the fuck you wanna do nigga? Lil' Homies)
Lil' homies on the mash
(They can take your shit over)
Runnin' from all these punk police
Cause lil' niggaz run the streets

Lil' homies

Lil' homies on the ride
(We robbing mother fuckas)
Niggaz gonna die tonight
Let's get, high tonight
(Outlawz, Westside)
Lil' homies on the mash
(You know what time it is)
Runnin' from all these punk police
Cause lil' niggaz run the streets

My Lil' Homies

Lil' homies on the ride
(You know what the fuck you gotta do nigga, Outlawz nigga)
Niggaz gonna die tonight
(My Lil' Homies)
Let's get, high tonight



Yo Quiero
Yo Quiero Cojer
(Spanish: I wanna fuck you)
I'll let your ass have it
Take care of business
Oh for real
Ghetto chorette

[Verse 1 - Tupac]
Now you been acting like you want it for a long time
All up in a nigga face, giving me them strong vibes
Look in my eyes and you'll find peace
A Gemini so you really blow my mind freak
I got my clothes off, hard as a nigga in jail
Skinny niggaz throw the dick well
Everybody get they condoms, rubber cause it's time to fuck
Hurry up and put it on nigga time is up
What's next? Got my mind on some group sex
Where you going baby I ain't even through yet
Do it like a true vet, love it how I threw it to ya
In and out make it good to ya
Remember me?
I love fucking slow with the lights low
Black, Puerto Rican, even white hoes
Felice Amor, Que Linda, Dame Veso (Spanish: Sweet love, your a cutie, give me a kiss)
Got my bed soaked
Come to poppy
Fuckin' till the shit is sloppy (sloppy)
If you really want it

(If you really want it)
Tupac you know
If you really want it (x6)
(If you really want it)
I really want it

Alright, all my real niggaz and my real bitches, let me see you do it like this

Rock ya, body body x7
We came to
Rock ya, body body x7
We came to

[Verse 2 - SKG]
Daddy rock a playa body till I tell you to stop
Hit the right spot, if not, leave some money and kick rocks
I'm a thug hoe, I need a thug nigga up inside me
A playa that can ride me, a cat that can buy me
Make a jazzy hoe like me, bust a sweat
Hit it from the back, grab me by my neck
Demand your respect
I'm not an on my back hoe
I rock a dick and hit it to the core
Bustin', twisting nuts (censored), hit em up
I'm a Sagittarius freak
My real hoes feel me
Legs open wide, nigga dick inside
I barely ride tonight's the night for you to hit it doggy style
Lay me on my stomach while I'm counting out hundreds
Fake bitches front like they don't wanna keep it real
But you know you want a thug nigga just to see how it feel
Hoes wanna rock Gabbana, Dolce and Versace
Let me rock your body mouth on my (censored) call you papi

Rock ya, body body
Rock ya, body
Rock ya, body body
Rock ya, body

Ya like that?
Yeah. Yeah.
Rock ya, body body
Rock ya, body
(Y'all want that)
Rock ya, body body
Rock ya, body
Yeah. Yeah. Y'all feel me
Rock ya, body
Do it.  Do it.
Rock ya, body
Do it.  Do it.

Yeah, uh, c'mon, uh.

Rock ya, body body x6
Yeah, I'm a hit it too
Rock ya, body body x3

[Verse 3 - Tupac]
See, it all started simple
Turning me licking your nipples
Fucking you doggy style to this instrumental
Hands up
All up inside your head
I could stand you
Eyes open
I don't plan to bust, just hold on
Let me zone in
What do you mean, can you scream, let it go, biatch
How does it feel?
Gotta nigga like steel in ya
To keep going on, fucking like I'm killing ya
Lets go another round
Baby is you down really
Two shots of esctasy
Lick a nigga down silly
Your body next to me
I can touch you inside, and you'll cry
So good when a nigga leave, you'll die
My mama told baby be a man put it on a hit
On bitches like switches coming around the corner
I wanna let me get my ride on
It's your dick baby but it's my song
If you really want it

Rock ya, body body
Rock ya, body
Rock ya, body body
If you really want it
If you really want it

[Tupac talking]
Gotta send this out to all the freaky bitches
Definitely all the Scorpio's and the Gemini's, and the Virgo's
You know I know the truth about you Scorpio's and you Virgo's
No doubt gotta give it to the Capricorns
They some freaks too on the down down
The Libra's, they like it even but they still like fucking.
No doubt.
Aquarius's, Libra's, that said though
Leos, they some freaks
Leos is freaks, they always wanna run shit in bed
Sagittarius, Taurus, Cancers
All you freaky fucks
I'm a Zodiac fucker I do you all one at a time and all down the line
Lets get busy



[Verse 1 - Tupac]
I was so money orientated initiated as a thug
Fiending for wicked adventures ambitious as I was
Picture a nigga on the verge of living insane
I sold my soul for a chance to kick it and bang
Now tell me if I'm wrong, but saying fuck the world got ya deeper in my songs
Drinking till I hurl, spending money till it's gone, it's the good life
Baby niggaz got it going on
No maybe if I died and came back, wouldn't have to slang crack
Addicted the game, so obviously we came strapped
Please forgive me for my wicked ways
Fuck a bitch
Bad boys eat a dick a day bumping this
Lord have mercy it's a slaughter
So wicked that my tracks is wetting niggaz like it's water
I learned my lessons as a thug in these wicked as hood fights
But I'm a baller now
I live the good life

[Chorus] 2X
This is the good life
Fuck my foes
God bless the dumb niggaz
That trust the hoes
I found a way to stack money
Guaranteed to rise
I live the good good life
Cause thug niggaz don't die

[Verse 2 - Big Syke]
No one knows, what the future holds, for you, huh huh
Listen closely
They say reach in your heart and you will find your mind
Everyday in these streets, got my foresight blind
My after time is now, peeping down the barrel of a fo'
Just a nigga or a killer I don't know, so
Who makes the call?
Will I fall a victim like the rest?
Slug in the chest, one in the dome and make sure I'm gone
Send me home all alone in these cold streets
The desperation, constantly drinking and I can't sleep
Make deep tryin' to survive, some wanna die I wanna stay alive
Eyes on the prize let me modify this whole region
I declare this sucka ducking season
Ya need a reason, why she turned into a softy
After living so loftly
It cost me my soul out of control in the Devil's world
Me, and my niggaz and my girl
Living the good life

[Chorus] 2X

[Verse 3 - EDI]
I spend my days and nights, not knowing if strays in flight
Will finally catch me
It's the good life can ya hear me
Cleary, over the edge, soon as I wake up
Last night we off the hook doing way too much
But it's the fast lane on that, big dealing, big sinnin', all for the money
Some kill, some squeal, all for the money
Most ain't even real but we still call them homies
Now what the fuck is that fake love, fake thugs all in the game
I watch em all plot and fall, while I come up again
Outlaw never surrender is the call when the day is comin'
But this nigga get to running for my click get to gunnin
Str8 in the mist of all this stress and pain
We're trying to get a hold of the game
Living that good life

[Chorus] 4X



To my unborn child
To my unborn, child
In case I don't make it
Just remember daddy loves you
I did everything I could to make things good for you
So don't worry about it
To my unborn
You know daddy loves you

[Verse 1]
Now ever since my birth, I been cursed since I was born to wile
In case I never get to holler at my unborn child
Many things learned in prison
Blessed to be still living
Trying to earn every penny that I'm gettin'
Reminiscin' to the beginning of my mission
When I was conceived and became to be in this position
My mama was a panther, loud
Single parent but she growled
When she witnessed baby boy ripping wild
I went to school but I dropped out
And left the house cause my momma says I'm good for nothing
So I'm out, since I only got one life to live
God forgive me for my sins
Let me make it and I'll never steal again
Or deal again
My only friend is my misery
Wanting revenge for the agony they did to me
See my life ain't promised but it sure get better
Hope you understand my love letter
To my unborn child

I'm writing you a letter
(To my unborn)
This is for my unborn child
(To my unborn child)
Wanna let you know I love you
Love you
Wanna let you know I feel this way
(To my unborn)
I think about you every day
(To my unborn child)
I have so much to say

[Verse 2]
So complicated to escape fate
And you can never understand till we trade places
Tell the world I been guilty to being anxious
Ain't no way in hell, that I could ever be a rapist
It's time to face this, cold world on a good day
When will they let the little kids in the hood play?
I got shot 5 times but I'm still breathing
Living proof there's a God if you need a reason
God believe in my own fate
Will I raise my kids in the right or the wrong way
Dear mama I'm a man now
I wanna make it on my own not a hand out
Make way for a whirlwind prophesized
I wanna go in peace
When I gotta die
On these cold streets
Ain't no love, no mercy and no friends
In case you never see my face again
To my unborn child


[Verse 3]
Dear Lord can you hear me?
Tell me what to say to my unborn seed
In case I pass away will my child get to feel loved
Or are we all just cursed to be street thugs
Cause being black hurts
And even worse if you speak first
Live my life as an outlaw
What could be worse
Cause maybe if I tried to change
Who am I kidding?
I'm a thug till I die
I'm a ride
maintain, touch base
eat lunch
in plush places
regular criminal oasis awaits us
If there's a heaven for true thugs
I'll see you there
And I'm sorry for not being there
Just know, your daddy was a souljah
Me against the world
Bless the boys and all my little girls
To the Lord I'm eternal
Resting in peace
Please take care of all my seeds
And my unborn child


[Tupac talking]
Please take care of all my kids
And my unborn child
To my unborn child
This letter goes out to my seeds that I might not get to see
Cause of this lifestyle
Just know your daddy loved you
Got nothing but love for you
And all I wanted was for you to have a better life than I
Cause I was out there on a 24 hour 365 grind
When you get to be my age you'll understand
Just know I got love for you
And I'll see you if there's a ghetto in heaven
If there's a ghetto heaven I'll be there waiting for you
Heh heh
Take care
Run wild, but be smart
Follow the rules of the game
I know sometimes there's confusion
Rules of the game is gonna get you through it, all day every day
Watch out for these snakes and fakes
Snakes come a dime a dozen
Work hard
Get your mind right



Who be the last mother fucker breathin
Tell me nigga
Tell Me
Who be the last mother fucker breathin

[Chorus] 2x
I'm busta free
Enemies give me reason, to be the last mother fucker breathin
My automatic rounds catch em while they sleepin
Now I'm the last mother fucker breathin

Woke up with 50 enemies plottin my death
All 50 seeing visions of me shot in the chest
Couldn't rest na nigga I was stressed
Had me creeping round corners
Homies, sleeping in my vest
Shit, I'm like a hostage on this troubled block
Call the cops, a thug nigga screaming west side busting double glocks
Hittin' corners in my Chevy Suburban
Liquor got my driving up on the curb
Hand on the steering wheel swerving
Bless me father I'm a sinner
I'm living in hell, just let me live on these streets
Cause ain't no peace for me in jail
Getting world wide exposure
With a bunch of niggaz that don't give a fuck, riding as my souljahs
I just release them on a war path
Not your average dealer
West side, outlaw, bad boy killer
Complete my mission my competition no longer beefin'
I murdered all them bustas
Now I'm the last mother fucker breathin'

[Chorus] 2x

[Young Noble]
Make sure I hold my position, stand firm in the dirt
For all my souljahs gone, we burnin' the earth
Outlawz world-wide, we pack the block
Shoot rocks at the kidups, bust back for Pac
Ask Yak, he'll tell you that it's hell down here, stale down here
To many jails down here
Why you act like you don't hear me
Young Noble
Outlaw till these mother fuckers kill me
I'm still breathin'

Uh, we was raised, fuck this life
I rose my right
Holding on a tight grip with death in my sight
And the dark is my light, I'm sinicle
I'm sleep walking is it true?
I'm walking round town with a ?
Came a long way from a poor day
Dead away, with this war play
Fuck friends, I'll say
Rather die for my AK
With these fake ass niggas
See through glass ass niggas
Only ride my dick and scared of my mash ass niggas

[Chorus] 2x

I walk around, with a knife in my back
Talk about a bad day I live a life like that
It's unfair
And I'm loosing my hair
Bless a hooligan
Catch me, I'm falling out flat
Yo I'm ruining
Breathin in sewer stink
No one give a fuck about me
I learned to like it like that
When I was still in mommy
Beside a seed that the Devil run from
In the belly of the beast, that's where the fuck we come from
And still we breathin'

Totally wasted, they want me to face this
Just lost two of my closest, man if one of y'all can take this
But I'm Makaveli trained, simple and plain
We number one mother fucker, bout to do it again
Shit, Pac still doin it
You hoes can't ruin it
Two million every time we drop
I know you fuckers losing it
We moving in, for the kill
For a mil', holding steel
Hold the wheel
I'm bout to give these niggaz something they can feel
(Buck, Buck, Buck, Buck)
Fakin' real
But we the raw and uncut
Style biting
Thug Line niggaz
Give it Up
We Hit Em Up

And we still real
And we still real

[Chorus] 2x



Lets turn this house into a happy home
This is for all the homeboys that couldn't get their happy home
Lets turn this house into a happy home

As long one of us got it some of us got it
Lets turn this house into a happy home
You know how that is, stay down for me boo
Hold on

[Verse 1]
Now we been kicking it for quite some time
Remain beside me through these trials and this life of crime
We done fought so many times I forgot to count
I never hit you, not a coward rather leave your house
Remember back in December when we was tight
Sippin alize and crystal while in every night
In my bedroom, promise that I'll commit to you sometime
Kiss me every time you see me step inside a room
Promise to be good to each other
Plus I love ya so I know your gonna make a good mother
Just try to understand if I change in time
It's only cause I never owned anything that's mine
So I'm trying
You can stay with my mama but keep the drama to a low
Never call the police, I never call you bitch or hoe
We were all born hungry in this world alone
Finally moved out my mom's house
And got a happy home

Happy Home
Lets turn the house into a happy home
Happy Home
Finally made it outta moms house, and got a happy home
Happy Home
Turn this house into a happy home
Happy Home


[Verse 2]
Going through these hard times
Ghetto child of mine
I wonder if you have to suffer for your fathers crimes
To be honest it's a hard road
Just keep your faith in God knowing you'll get scarred though
Look at him walking and talking, a little child with my eyes and mouth
Father watch over little seeds help me guide them out
Had to change my whole lifestyle
Married my baby's mama made her my wife now
I'm trying hard y'all
Maybe in time, I'll be a better man
Watchin the older couples, handle it like veterans
Show me the meaning of together and forever we rise
If it would help our child grow then together we die
Why, question my love? It's so easy to see
Without my family all I'm left with is a shadow of me
After all the arguments and the nights alone
Now it's time to live the good life
Inside this happy home

Happy Home
Turn this house into a happy home
Happy Home
Finally got to live the good life, inside this happy home
Happy Home
Turn this house into a happy home
Happy Home

Happy Home

[Tupac talking]
All these problems got me gone
We got a family of our own
I just want a happy home
Turn this house into a happy home
No man's made to stand alone
I promise I won't do you wrong
I just want a happy home
Finally made it outta moms house, and got a happy home

Happy Home
Turn this house into a happy home
Happy Home
Finally got to live the good life, inside this happy home
Happy Home
Turn this house into a happy home
Happy Home

Turn this house into a happy home
As long one of us got it some of us got it
Turn this house into a happy home



We going all out, aight, we going all out, aight, we going all out
Watch your mother fucking mouths niggas

That's right
Fuck these fed Niggas Pac
Do it, Do it, Do it.

Come hell or high water
Down to slaughter opposes
Just another lost soul stuck callin Jehova
Outlaw til' it's over
Brandish my strap, back like a cobra
I stay drunk cause I'ma mad man
We're never sober
On a one man mission
My ambitions to hold up the rap game
While I plug holes in niggas like doughnuts
And still
Down to die for all my souljahs, like hillbillies
They don't feel me
So we fued
Bringin' war to the city
With each breath
Death before dishonor
Never let you swallow me
No apologies, your honor
A general in war I'm the first to bomb
With a squad of trusted killers quick to move shit, heavily armed
I'm similar to Saddam
Sometimes I question Hussein
Like fiends fighting for that last vein, stuck in the game
I hit the scene like sand storms
Then transform
Watch me, I take a figga of thirty niggaz, who all got me
While bitches wondering, who shot me, no love
Keep a grudge, shooting slugs like Muammar Qadaafi
Murdered my friend built a new posse
We takin shots at paparazzi
Gon fly now
Nigga like Rocky
You got a lot of nerve to play me
Another gay rapper
Bustin' caps at Jay-Z
(buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck)
And still avoid capture
While you all caught up in the rapture
Still after me I'm in Jamaica sippin' daiquiris
No doubt
We used to havin' nothing
Then grabbin something and bustin
Wanted to be the thug nigga
That my old man wasn't
I came to a fear catchin' cases, litigation
Niggaz playa hatin'
Got me crooked in all 50 states
I'm screaming Death Row
Throwing Westside
Ain't no thang
We was raised off drive-by's
Brought up to bang
We claim mob
M-O-B., if you be specific
We control all cash from Atlantic-Pacific
And get this
I'm hard to kill
When I bill with this live spot
How the hell did I survive, these 5 shots?
Live it up or give it up and like demons
Late night, hear em screaming
We going All Out

We going All Out
Bomb first till they fall out
Take them the war route
With out a doubt
War, which means, we all ride if it's on
Each nigga handle ya own, bring it on strong
If you got bills to pay
Nigga go all out
Busta's playing with your papes
Better go all out
Trying to see the next day
Nigga go all out
Obstacles in your way
Better go all out

I'm on my land sled
Walking through the belly of the beast
Feeling like I'm all out, drunk as can be
It's plain to see, who are mob niggas hiding in bushes
Claiming that they ride but they softer than cushion
They softer than bitches in worst way drowning in blood
Outlawz my blood brothers I'd die for these thugs
Say hi to these slugs
It's a shame how some niggas on the west coast
Who was riding with Pac
But when he died they went pop
I mob the Jers' to the fullest lots of west coast love
But after Pac stopped rapping ain't no west coast thugs
Just west coast what?
To my real niggaz stuck in these street game
These rappers like Jay-Z
Who be pumping Kool-Aid through their veins
It's true what I'm saying
Slap your soft ass to the floor
And watch my 4-4 put three holes in your dome
I Ride or Die
While these other fag niggas be biting this
It's all from my heart when I was writing this
Now it's All Out


We all ride
And down to die
Who with us?
Speak up
Or get treated like you coming to kill us
They nothing but squealers
In this rap game swearing they rough
Tattoo'd up
And now them nigga swearing they Pac
Stop that and watch your back
We ain't forgot about cha
These glocks hot
And when shot would bring the bitch up out cha
It's me, Kastro
With the goatee
Walking like an OG
Cause all these fag mother fuckas owe me
I pray to thug lords, like the mother fuckers holy
Frontline soldier, till the heavens, hold me
I go all out
And if you real you real
Feel what I'm talking 'bout cause this game is real
I live it
Forbidden fruit and shoot till they feel it
Living proof Pac breed niggaz they can't deal with
Holler back, right back, and watch your mouth
Or get blood in it
What, we going all out nigga

[Chorus] 2X

Fool, you better go all out
Keep going all out
All my niggaz going all out
Without a mother fucking doubt

Ey, you niggaz just gone think you gon be a, talking slick on all these mother fucking records
And we ain't gonna say shit, now it's 99, this is a different grind, (Don't disrespect the Don)
It's still war mother fuckers
So lets see you act like you know



Ha ha, niggas
Fucking with the wrong nigga

My seductive introduction
Be specific, still elusive
But exclusives what I give you when I kick it
And I'm still lifted
Niggas can't get with Mr.Wicked
Picture me flipping
My adversaries getting the dick swiftly
Niggas is swinging wild but they styles miss me
You can bring that bitch with your whole click
And still get treated shitty
Business never personal, I'm up before the sun come up
I'm tired
Just a ghetto star 
A drop-top double R is what I'm riding
Nigga if you was half the man your bitch was
Bring your artillery
When you come for me cause we sick thugs
No hesitation when I pull and blast
Cuz Syke was busting
Plus Bo had em ducking screaming get they cash
So now I got the law on me
My phones tapped, so I had to send word through my little homies
Tell them niggas just be here when they pull the trigger
This is what you get, for fucking with the wrong nigga

This is what you get when your
Fucking with the wrong nigga
Ha ha, yeah nigga

Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray
And thank the lord for giving me another fruitful day
I wanna be a peaceful man, but still
When niggas come for me, all I can see is getting em killed
For real, it's how I feel
Perfect my thoughts flowing on these reels
Make my enemies deal with my steel, they caps peel
We still cool, but you played yourself
Give em the mack and make em spray yourself
Falling legends, clutching chrome 3-5-7
Putting two bullets to they dome
Wanted to die in heaven
While calling shots nobody real as clear its me
Ain't trying to help the feds get a case for conspiracy
Murder my foes, get disposed of
We all homies till the death
So my true niggas show me love
God forgive me for my lifestyle
A negative figure
But why they fucking with the wrong nigga?

You know, its like ...
Why you fucking with the wrong nigga?

I was raised by thugs
Schooled by killers
Learned my mathematic skills from real drug dealers
Tried to rise but they tried me
I guess they all had to die cause we tried peace
I die on these streets
Blast till they recognize
Still do or die
All my niggas getting high watching time fly
Best strategize on a way to profit
Best organize how you ride so they can't stop it
Then keep it popping a lot of busters wanna see me fall
I fucked your bitch and now this new shit gon' fade em all
My niggas ball, made a call for some backup
The little homies and my dogs in a black truck
Buck Buck was the sound
As they gats burst
No need for ambulance 
Baby bring the black hearse
Shoulda never fucked around buster
How you figure making moves on the wrong nigga?
This what it sounds like
Bing, Bing, Bing
When you fucking with the wrong nigga
Niggas getting hit when they fucking with the wrong nigga
Fucking with the wrong nigga


THUG N ME THUG N U (remix) feat K-CI & JO JO


Hey c'mon JoJo
It's Pac
Yeah, that type of shit
You know what time it is
Maybe it's the thug in me

Verse 1
By Age thirteen I was buck wild
Good at my knuckle game
Made it through a tough childhood
Never be the same
Walked in my daddy's shoes
No time to be a peaceful man
Just shatter fools
That's till I put my eyes on you
God damn sweetheart you got some thighs on you
Now I can't wait to get you home
Get you all alone
In my bedroom baby can we bone?
And get it on?
Tell me lady how you like me
And if you want it harder baby
Come and bite me
But do it lightly
Cause that excites me
And if you lick me right
I'll do it all night
Only got fucked by a drug dealer
Never felt the real passion of a thug nigga
(Ha Ha)
Though I like the way you scream when your loving me
I'm going deep its the thug in me
So what you saying girl...

Thug nigga like me
Need a thug lady like you
I got alotta thug in me (In me)
That I wanna put in you (Put in you)

Thug nigga like me
Need a thug lady like you
I got alotta thug in me
That I wanna give to you, girl

Verse 2
Moan baby when we bone, its on
Its so strong niggas in the next room will come
I got your head swinging
Tongue kissing
As I hit it from the back
With the bed ringing
(Ha Ha)
Give me space 
As I lick your face
Stick the place
Synchronized so I grind when they kick the bass
Love fucking in the morning
I get you wet and bust a sweat
Then I'm gone
Left you on your own
Girl tell me what you feel like
Blindfolded I'm cold doing real nice
That's if it feel right
Maybe its the thug in me
I pull your hair 
While we fucking in the chair
When you loving me up against the wall
You can have it all
Just try 
Bet my kiss, can get you high
Don't pass by
Grab me by my nuts
When I'm loving you
Now open up and let me put the thug in you


Verse 3
Say baby what's your phone number?
Be warned I'm like a storm with my own thunder
I make the room rumble
In and out
Long stroke
Hold your breath, now close your eyes deep throat
Did you like it?
Ew, I'm excited
Cause it's a party in my bedroom your invited
C'mon now let me see you shake your rump
Tell me how long will it take to come?
Having fun, do it one on one or we can all get involved
First ya'll do me then I fuck ya'll
When you call me the next day
To get sexed by a nigga in the best way
(Ha Ha Ha)
Yeah baby its a price to pay
Only play in the fast lane
When you a hustler, mother fuck a cash game
I got you going wild, cause I'm loving you
Drugged out with this mother fucking thug in you


I don't wanna talk
I don't want no explanation
I don't got no mother fucking explanation, you know what I'm saying
It's just the thug in me
You don't be asking me why I'm I be pulling your hair
Or why I fuck so mother fucking thuggy
It's that thug passion, know what I mean?
No mercy
What you scared of ? (I ain't scared)
Didn't you come over here to get fucked? (yeah)
You ain't come over here to get stroking and all that bullshit
You came over here to get fucked
I fuck you thug style baby
You leave my house sayin' Tupac game served you
Don't have me crossed up in that bullshit (okay)
Turn over (okay baby)
Baby it's the thug in me (yeah)



Imagine if you could go back
Actually talk to the muthafuckers that passed away
And then the first muthafuckers that came in the slave ships
(Excuse me, excuse me)
Ya know...

[Verse 1 - 2Pac]
We back for everything you owe
No longer oppressed
Cause now over throw those that placed us in this rotten mess
But lets agree on strategy and pick our enemies right
Who stands accused of the abuse?
My own kind, to ride
Pardon, not disregarding what you thinkin
But you must abandon ship
Cause once I rip your hole, shit is sinking
Supreme ideology, you claim to hold
Claiming that we all drug dealers with empty souls
That used to tempt me to roll
Commit to violence in the mist of an act of war
Witnesses left silent, shoutin 
Black talents, style thoughts I throw
It remains in your brain, then of course it grows
Maybe, even your babies can produce and rise
Picture a life where black babies can survive past five
But we must have hope
Quoting the reverend from the Pope
But refuse to turn the other cheek
We must defeat the evil cobra
Lace me with words of destruction and I'll explode
But supply me with the will to survive and watch the world grow
This ain't 'bout talkin 'bout problems, I'll bring solutions
Wisdom, restitution
Stipulated through the Constitution
You violated now I'm back to haunt your nights
Listen to the screams of the lives you sacrificed
And in case you don't know
Ghetto born black seeds still grow
We coming back for everything you owe

I'm comin collectin the shit that belong to me
Muthafuckers all runnin and duckin
(How do you plead, Mr. Shakur? How do you plead?)
I'm a crazy nigga on a mission, with a bad mentality
(How do I plead?) 
(Yes, Sir, how do you plead?)
(Shit, you know how I plead)
Armed with missiles, guns, grenades, pull out the pin free
I'm coming (coming, coming)...

[Verse 2 - 2Pac]
Not guilty on the grounds of insanity
It was them or me
Bustin at my innocent family
Say they lookin for keys
I was home alone, blind to the prelude
Bustin, talking 'bout where is the quaaludes?
What you say fool?
Where in the hell is the search warrant?
No feedback is what he uttered
Before he screamed, Nigga muthafucker
Drop me to my knees, I proceed to bleed
Suffering a rain of blows to my hands and knees
Will I survive? Is God watching?
I grab his gat and bust in self-defense, my only option
God damn, now they got me going to the county jail
And my family can't pay this outrageous bail
Try to offer me a deal
They told me if I squeal
Move me and my people to a mansion in Brazil
Not me, so this is how it ends, no friends
I'll be stressed and they just repossessed my Benz
Told the judge it was self-defense, he won't listen
So I'm bumpin this in federal prison
Givin everything I owe

[Chorus - X2]
I'm comin collectin the shit that belong to me
Muthafuckers all runnin and duckin
I'm a crazy nigga on a mission, with a bad mentality
Armed with missiles, guns, grenades, pull out the pin free
I'm coming (coming, coming)...



Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side
Some where inside my childhood I missed my heart die
And even though we both came from the same places
The money and the fame made us all change places
How could it be through the misery
That came to pass
The hard times
Can make a true friend afraid to ask
For currency
But you could run to me when you need me
I'll never leave honestly, someone to believe in the shit we see
It's a small thing through and true
What could I do?
Real homies help you get through
And comin' knew he'd do the same thang if he could
Cause in the hood true homies make you feel good
And happy times we be actin' up call the cops
Bringin' the cease to the peace that was on my block
It never stops, when my mama ask me will I change
I tell her yeah but it's clear I'll always be the same
Until the end of time


So take, these broken wings
I need your hands to come and heal me once again
Until the End of Time
So I can fly
Until the End of Time
Until the End of Time
Till the End of Time

Please Lord forgive me for my life of sin
My hard stare seem to scare all my sister's kids
So you know, I don't hang around the house much
This all night money makin' got me outta touch, shit
Ain't flashed a smile in a long while
An unexpected birth worst of the ghetto child's
My attitude got me walkin' solo
Ride out alone in my low-low
Watchin' the whole world move in slow mo
For quite times disappear listen to the ocean
Smokin' ports think my thoughts 
Then it's back to coastin'
Who can I trust in this cold world
My phony homey had a baby by my own girl
But I ain't trippin' I'm a playa 
I ain't sweatin' him
I sex his sister had her mumbling like a Mexican
His next of kin
No remorse it was meant to happen
Besides rappin' the only thing I did good was scrappin'
Until the end of time

[Chorus] 2X

Ha ha
Now who's to say if I was right or wrong?
To life my life as an Outlaw all alone
Remain strong in this planet full of playa hatas
They conversate but Death Row full of demonstrators
And in the end drinkin' Hennessey made all my enemies envy me
So go when I flow illuminatin' easily
Falls to they knees
They plead for they right to breathe
While beggin' me to keep the peace
Ha ha
Well I can see close into achieve
In times of danger don't freeze time to be a chief 
Follow my lead I supply everything you need
An ounce of game and the trainin' to make a G
Remember me as an outcast outlaw
Another album out that's what I'm about, more
Gettin' raw 'till the day I see my casket
Buried as a G while the whole world remembers me
Until the end of time

[Chorus] 2X

If an angel comes down and takes me away
The memories of me
And my song's will always stay
Because I (I can fly, I can fly, I can fly)
'til the end of time
'til the end of time

Maybe it's the thug in me



[Chorus 2X: 2Pac]
M.O.B., nigga 'cause we mob on you tricks
and you know we keep it money over bitches

Thugs known to bust on sight
God bless my crazy life la vida loca homie livin that thug life
Been raised in violence homicide's my lullaby
Came with the homies and learned to kick it until we die
Boss players you wonder why
I live the life of a ghetto kingpin, just let me ride
Bitches and niggaz in penitentiary suits
I send 'em letters and money orders and make 'em my troops
As for you females, I got no time, I gotta get mine
You cannot blind me addicted to a life of crime
My time as a shorty was full of car chases
While runnin with John Gotti's and Scarface's
Niggas knew, I'd be the Don of my own crew
A million niggaz with automatics who swarm through
You wonder who shot me here's a clue, stay alert
Cause we comin' for you, and keep it money over bitches

[Chorus 2X: 2Pac]
Nigga 'cause we mob on you tricks
and you know we keep it money over bitches
(Keep it money over bitches)
Nigga 'cause we mob on you tricks
and you know we keep it money over bitches

I blow you up on the spot, these glocks hot 'til you drop
All you wannabe cops, you don't wanna see shots
I beef deep with the police, peep what these streets do to me
Actin all new to me I creep on you like puberty
You don't wanna see the bad image of this scrimmage
From here to East Greenwich through every state with a sentence
Frozen weight in the cooter, ten plates to soup ya
1 2's we oughta cruise right by the state troopers
When I'm drinkin Crystal, start thinkin 'bout Al
Bacardi coverin my body at the wink and a smile
Bag a hottie or two, cause butter shotties for you
I got more bodies than Drew, I drink (Minoti Anu?), fuck your crew
This type of shit I do for a petty hobby
Fuck the whole world it's Fatal dog against everybody

[Chorus 2X: 2Pac]
M.O.B., nigga 'cause we mob on you tricks
and you know we keep it money over bitches

My shit's phenomenal, droppin like domino
Comin with the real yo and fuck what you feel yo
This is not for all the freaks in short skirts
This is for my niggaz






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