Tupac's Death


Tupac with Suge after the Seldon / Tyson fight, moments before the shooting.
one of the last photos of Tupac ever taken

Shakur was shot 4 times in the chest by an unknown person driving a white Cadillac. This car then sped off into the night, leaving Tupac bleeding to death, yet Suge Knight was barely grazed. Tupac was rushed to University Medical Center and underwent surgery, including the removal of his right lung. The next few days in hospital were critical for Tupac, at one point his body was convulsing so badly that doctors had to induce paralysis, for fear that he could cause internal damage to himself. Tupac was eventually pronounced dead on Friday, 13th September, at 4:03pm.

The details about the actual shooting, and the build up to the shooting are sketchy, and vary from story to story. Apparently, on the night of the Seldon / Tyson fight, Tupac was scheduled to visit family in Atlanta, but was persuaded to attend the fight by Suge Knight. This claim caused many people to implicate Suge as a suspect for "setting up" Tupac's murder. However Orlando Anderson, a compton resident who was allegedly a crip, was held on suspicion of Tupac's murder, following a series of run ins with the Death Row entourage, including one on the fateful night. It was alleged that Anderson's "crew" came into some money suddenly, following Tupac's death, arousing suspicions that the money was a payoff for shooting Tuapc. Anderson, who denied the shooting, and claimed that he was a scapegoat, dies in 1998, following a dispute at an LA car wash

A photo of the crime scene shortly after the shooting

As the whole world mourned his loss, some people actually thought about his death and drew up conspiracies that he could be alive due to the sketchy details of his shooting....


Please note that out of respect for Tupac and in order to retain his dignity, I will NOT post an autopsy photo

please click my "theories" link on my menu to view 10 reasons why Tupac my be alive...


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