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I Love Fun!!

We All Love Fun, Don't We? Here is why...

I want us all to have FUN. To do this I shall post tapes of twats fucking around.

These dickweeds will include : Tommy Boyd Trevor Jackson Ian Collins Clive Bullage Iain Lee Mike Mendoza and any other fuckers I get on tape.

Please contact me. My nan died recently (it was her funeral on the 3rd December...Pauls Dad) but this site will still be fun. Please, no swearing. I shall sto pit and remove it. I have voodoo powers of computer.

This will take you to some Fun sounds and Krazy videos!!

I was well upset on September 11th cos of the planes and all that. To cheer everyone up, here is a lightehearted look at one of the biggest terrorist attrocities the world has ever seen.

This will take you to a tribute to America since the planes!!


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