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Welcome to Indo's Music Shop!

Please have a look around and take what you need.

It's free! 

If you need help finding a background sound code that works on ya page, I can help you with that too. 

All you have to do is cut&paste the codes onto ya page. 

It's so easy! 

Here are the codes:

<BGSOUND SRC="" LOOP=infinite>


<IMG DYNSRC="" START="fileopen" WIDTH="0" HEIGHT="0" loop=5>


Here's an example of how to use the codes: 

Just cut & paste one of the codes above and right between the brackets or quotation marks add one of the sound files from below. 

Like this:

<BGSOUND SRC= "sound file goes here" LOOP=infinite> 


Got IT?.....GOOD!

Now for the Sound Files: (alicia keys) /rainydayz.wav (Mary J/Jarule) (jayz)     (D'Angelo) (Aaliyah)   (Ginuwine) (this woman's work) (Take away) (happilyeverafter) (I can tell u wanna fuck)    (Michael Jackson) ( roc da boat) (weed song) (Pussy Crook) (thugluv) (keke) (luv myself by c murder) (JanetJ) (Usher) (MakeGoodLuv) (Taste like candy) (Pass the Courvoisier)

More music to come!

These sound files are used on this site to help promote the artist. They do not take the place of the cd's themselves, so go out and buy them.