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Snoop Dog
Tha Last Meal


        Like all reviews I will start with my personal opinion of the rapper in question. In short Snoop Dogg is a legend. He is been in the game for about ten years strong. I have absolutely no negative remarks to make about the "Dogfather". Rumor has it that this album is titled the last meal because it is supposed to be his last album on NO LIMIT before switching over to his own record label, DOGHOUSE. 

    On to the review. This album is your basic Snoop Dog album. Meaning it contains tight beats and a lyrical flow that is not comparable with anyone else in the game. The best tracks are Hennesey N Buddah, Stacy Adams, and Lay Low. There are other tracks but I don't feel that they are on par with these three.

      As far as guest appearances I was a little disappointed. No Xzibit, no Meth or Red, and overall I don't think there was anyone from the east at all. The album was did feature appearances from KoKane, Bad Azz, Tha Eastidaz, Nate Dogg, Ice Cube, Eve, and others. 

        Overall I didn't like this album in the beginning but the more i listened to it the more I liked it. I don't like it as much as his last album (Top Dogg) but this is still an album worth buying. Especially if you are a fan of the west coast.