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De La Soul 


        If you have been a fan of hip hop for a while then you are probably familiar with de la soul and already know that you should pick up this album. However, if you are new to game and are looking for something that is a little different from the "jigga's" and the "x" then this the album for you also.

        The first single of the album is OOOH. Which is a definite club anthem. The hook is done by Redman "If you a fat chick getting your fuck on tonight go OOOH  OOOH OOOH OOOH.   In addition to Redman the album features guest appearances by Tash and J-Ro of tha Liks and Xzibit. Also Busta Rymes, Chaka Khan and others.

        The best six  tracks on the album are: U can do (life), My writes, OOOH, Thru ya city, All good?, and The Art of Getting Jumped. While the other tracks are okay they are not on the same level as these ones.

       All in all if you don't already have this album, then go out and pick it up. It is worth the money.