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The Greatest of all Time


        I respect what he's done in terms of longevity but I am not really a big LL Cool J fan. Fifteen years in the game and platinum nine time in a row may never been done by another rapper again. Surely bow and Romeo will be burnt out by the time their in their med twenties. However, despite what ever beefs I may have with Mr. Smith, I was pleasantly surprised by his latest album.

        The album contains 15 tracks and one bonus track. Of those about seven are worth mentioning. They are: Imagine that, Back where I belong, LL Cool J, Fugidabowdit, Hello, You and Me, Homicide U can't F**k with Me, and The G.O.A.T.  LL uses this album to answer back to Canibus they way he should have in the first place.

"I could have told the world the how you get your lyrics from the internet
Then spit them word for word like your really a rap vet."

        If this is true, and I have no reason to believe that he is lying, then this has to change everyone's opinions of Canibus. 

        As far as guest appearance go the usual suspects are all here. Ja Rule, Amil, DMX, Xzbit, Kelly Price and others. Method Man, Red Man, and Snoop Dogg are also here, once again proving my theory that it is illegal to drop a Album without appearances by one of these three. LL went the extra step and put all three in the album.

    Overall, this is a pretty good album and if you have some extra money you would be wise to pick it up. As far as being the greatest of all time.... I don't think so.