Diamond Princess
V.4: Pretty In Pink-80's Edition
~Sexiness Required~

The 80's Fuckin' Rock'd Dude!!

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Welcome all fellow servants to my site, here you will enjoy things that are out of the ordinary, I'm mainly doing this crap to show my artistic side. I'm now 24 years old so, this site is geared more towards the 21 and up crowd, sorry teenies, but I'm passed that stage of innocence now so if there's anything on my site that might be a little too grown up for you then you have no reson being here in the first place. So for those who are 21 and ^ please continue on, and enjoy your visit, I will be updating every once in a while, so hold your horses if you e-mail me for something and I don't get back to ya sooner, please forgive me, I do have a son and a life so........, but anywho ENJOY!!!!!
I've added some more layouts, you can check those out now, although I'm still in the process of updating. So anywho, i must remind the teenyboppers, if you visit my page and the content is way too mature for you, do us all a favor and never return, I gearing more towards the 20 and up crowd. but then there are some grown people that can't handle maturity, but I'm grown now so that's all thats on my mind, is grown stuff.

Diamond Princess

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