yo wassup.. this page is all bout me so heres something'z bout me..

~broke dreamz of tha poor, a pain u will neva know~
A.K.A'z:bLaZn, Koala (do i look like a koala?!?!), G Birthday:1st August, 1985
Location:Hong Kong
Likes:eating.. sleeping.. arcades.. music.. chilling.. going out.. fone...movies..
Dislikes:annoying ppl.. very hot weather.. teachers.. being BORED..
being at home.. having no money.. having no food when hungry..
Fav. Food:CHICKEN! KFC!!.. pizza..
Fav. Type of music: Rap.. Hip Hop.. Trance.. Techno.. R&B..
Fav. Color: Red.. Blue.. Black..
MSN: wisehustla@hotmail.com