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Left Eye Hostess...
This section is all about the shows Left Eye has hosted, and it includes pictures, as well as my personal opinions and reviews of the shows.

The Cut

The Cut aired on MTV from fall '98 to January 1999. Although it only lasted one season, The Cut was one of MTV's #1 shows, and it brought back MTV's urban audience, which had been declining over the years. Left Eye hosted the daily half hour long talent show, alongside three judges made up of recording artists, deejays, producers, songwriters and record label CEO's;  as well as  the four unsigned musical acts that performed, competeting for a chance to shoot their own music video to air on MTV. Judges included Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men, Montell Jordan, Tamia, Tatyana Ali, KRS-1, Ice-T, Dru Hill, Big Lez, Angie Martinez and Kurupt.

I used to watch The Cut everyday and Left Eye was the bomb on it. Everyday she had some crazy ass outfit or hairstyle, but her clothes waz always mad
cute. She was loud as hell (she ain't even need her mic) with mad personality, as usual. She seemed like she loved hosting The Cut, and it kept her visible during the time TLC was away.

Tha winner of The Cut was rapper/singer Silk-e. She made a video for her
song "Respect" but I hardly ever seen it on. I heard there was gonna be another season of The Cut, and Left Eye may or may not host...I heard Queen Latifah might, but I ain't sure. I know Left Eye still wants to host, but it
depends on whether or not she's busy with TLC or her solo project. I hope she does do the show again, 'cause I loved it. That show was bangin' and I loved getting to see Left Eye everyday.

The 1999 Source Hip-Hop Awards

In August 1999, Left Eye co-hosted the Source Hip-Hop Awards with Treach from Naughty By Nature. It was her first award show, and she rocked it. She wore two different outfits, both designed by her uncle, Kyle Young. The first was a brown suede and fur ensemble (you can see it in the pictures at the left), and the second was silver, black and see through in spots (you can see that one in the pictures as well). I liked that one better, even though I thought they were both mad cute.

Left Eye did more of the hosting than Treach. She looked mad pretty as always and did a really good job. Left Eye just has  got what it takes to host, because she always seems like a natural at it. She was funny without being too obnoxious and
as always had a lot of personality. She said later that she really enjoyed hosting it and she thought the show as well as the performances were great.

Speaking of performances, performers included Nas, Sean "Puffy" Combs, DMX & the Ruff Ryders, Jay-Z, Juvenile & the Cash Money Family, Master P, Silkk the Shocker, C-Murder, Mystikal, and Outkast.

The 2000 Soul Train Awards

Left Eye co-hosted the 2000 Soul Train Awards along with soap star Shemar Moore, and R&B singers Tamia and Eric Benet. She also performed the hit single "U Know What's Up" with Donell Jones. However, their performance didn't go as smoothly as they probably would've hoped.

First, Donell Jones was having mic troubles. His mic kept cutting out while he was singing throughout the entire performance. Then, Left Eye was lowered onto the stage on a swing type thing, covered up by a white coat and a white feather mask (see the pic to the left). When the swing reached the stage, she pulled off the mask and went to remove her jacket, but before she did she realized that the li'l thong thing she had on was coming loose. She quickly turned her back to the audience struggling to fix it - the camera men backstage tried to film her and she started shaking her head no and trying to turn away from them, too. I felt so embarassed for her but I was laughing any ways. She had to stand there and do a good part of her rap with her back to the audience 'til she finally got shit straightened out. Then she turned around and took off her coat and the audience started cheering. She only had a few lines of her rap left, but she made the best of it.

In addition to her performance outfit, Left Eye rocked to other mad cute
outfits, that you can see in the pics at the left. Her first was a l'il low cut black top and a red wraparound silk skirt with a matchin beaded necklace. The last outfit was a lavendar jacket with a feather collar, and matching short-shorts and boots. Her hair was in some crazy style as usual - tri-ponytail braided hair pieces with these big rings in them.

Her hosting went a lot smoother than her performance, but I do got one complaint - they didn't use Left Eye enough for hosting, they used Shemar Moore, Tamia & Eric Benet more often. Maybe it was because Left Eye got a lot of airtime from her performance and acceptances for the two awards TLC won, but still it ain't fair.

Oh yeah, speaking of acceptances, mad people was talking about how Left Eye thanked just about everybody (including her hair stylist and makeup artist) except T-Boz and Chilli when she accepted the group's two awards. However, no one even bothered to ask why the two didn't even show. About the whole situation, Left Eye has said, "Actually, the first thing I said was I would like to accept this award on behalf of TLC. And that was thanks enough I thought.
But everybody wanted to make a big deal out of it, but it's understandable,
and I expect someone to say something about it, you know, and that's what it ended up being, so whatever, everyone's gonna find something to talk about."
Aight then.

The 2000 MOBO Awards

Left Eye co-hosted the 2000 MOBO Awards with DJ Trevor Nelson.
The awards took place in Britain. In addition to hosting, Left Eye performed
"U Know What's Up" with Donell Jones.

Many people didn't think Left Eye was gonna come  through to host, since
her very public "disappearance" happened only a short time before the
awards were scheduled. However, it's been said that the disappearance
of Left Eye and her boyfriend at the time Sean Newman waa actually to promote the MOBOs with a contest - it was something like if you found them
or spotted them you could win a free trip to the awards -  but I'm not sure of this I only heard about it.

Anyway, the MOBOs really weren't all that. Left Eye looked beautiful in
several fly outfits, but the dialogue they had her sayin' was kind of weird and pretty corny. She seemed a little awkward saying the dumb jokes they wrote
for her, but she did her best to pull it off.

One of the highlights of the show, however, as when an achievement award was given to L.A. Reid and Left Eye ad-libbed "the man who'sbest known for bailing me out of jail." She just too cute - they needed to just let her make up her own dialogue instead of the dumb shit they had her saying.

But y'all know Left Eye always represents when it comes to what she wore. When she first came out, she was rocking a silky, skimpy, baby pink dress with
a long layered weave and stilettos  that wrapped up to her knees (see the pic at the left, second from top). Her second outfit was a long, lime green, satin skirt and matching tube top, with a mass of blonde curls on top of her head (third from top). Next came her performance outfit when she hit the stage with
Donell Jones.

She was dressed in black fur - a tiny, patched together skirt and top with a tousled black wig (fourth from top). Her last outfit was a white, one-piece number consisting of very short shorts and a very low neckline. Her wig was straight, dark brown, and shoulder-length (very much like her own hair) but
after the show ended she changed it back to the long, layered one (see last  pic).

Due to how boring the whole show was, Left Eye's outfits were about the only thing that kept it interesting. I just gotta give her props for making the best of
it, 'cause it didn't look easy
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