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Zane Zone!!

As you all know, on Sept. 11,2001,A tragedy occured. A major terrorist attack was committed against the USA. 4 Planes were hijacked and rammed into US buildings. Please support the relief efforts by donating to the the Sept. 11th fund. Thanks!!


Sup everyone!! Welcome to my site dedicated to Lil' Zane. First off, I'd like to say thanx to all of y'all that are making my site a success. I do it all for y'all! Second, THIS IS A FAN SITE. Lil' Zane does not control this site so keep that in mind when ya put entries into the guestbook, K?:)Don't forget to sign it though!!!Also don't forget to vote in the new poll..results will be posted in a 4 VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!If you have any ideas on improving Zane Zone, LET ME KNOW!!Thanks for visiting my site!!

Also, I would like for you all to keep Aaliyah and her family in your prayers...she will be greatly missed.

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