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A. K. A. as Basilio Aguirre presents hip-hop in its premier form.  Interpretation brings a conscious tone to the microphone.  Believing that education and teaching are the keys to uplifting the people of the world.  While tired of listening to the candy coated philosophies of mainstream hip hop; this Mexican American and student of Islam decided to venture into an art form that was only a dream as a youth.  Steadily making improvements with every track recorded, Interpretation gives you insight not only where he started but shows progression of where he is at now.  He can bring it real talking about relationship, political, consciousness while breaking down wack acts. Underground?  Yes, and he brings crisp lyrics and does hip hop simply for the love of it.  Everything on this page is for non-profit and non-commercial purposes and MP3 versions of his music are also available for your personal files.  Drop an email and give him critics, props, or to just let him know you really feeling his music.


Personal Hip Hop Streaming Music Files

(Click on one of the underlined titles below to get streaming audio of music files)




(I engineered borrowed beats here, I used samples from here and there, as far as the beats originality goes, they aren’t.)


          Schematics                                                    So Good


Defined Thin Line                                       In Their Beginning




My Message To Them (Intro)                 Lyrics of The Meek Save the Weak

My Message To Them (Full Song)        (Used Hi-Tech’s beat from song Tekzilla ft Common,

(My Message to them contains borrowed instrumental               Basilio only produced and engineered Lyrics.)

from the Black Star album/”Respiration” track)


                                                                THROUGH THE EYES OF AN AZTEC   

Poetic Interlude

( Poetic Interlude uses beat from Beats Mart at                         This Aztec piece is making the first cut on my Basilio produced and                              personal album.  The beat used again comes from 

engineered lyrics and vocals.                                                     Hi Tech from a the title “Sun God”

I thought this would make a good interlude.)


            PLEASE DON'T LET ME GO                  The Dreams

        (Track dedicated to my lady.  Used Shade’s “Flow”                 The beat is original but not mine.  It was borrowed 

            from Lover’s Rock her latest album.)                                        Music Match at  Vocals production by me

                                                                                                            You may want to click on mp3 link found below,

as the drum beats could not be processed into the real media format .


            Game of Death                                  Surviving a life dream

        Original beat from 5th Element Productions                               Original beat by Shallow Productions made for the  

Beat had a battle tone so I went with that                                  The Mexican movement.



Audio performances by Basilio Aguirre (AKA Interpretation)

Songs posted here are not commercially used or created for profit.



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Alternate MP3 downloads



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5th Element Productions

5th Element Productions is a label headed by its founder and producer Deadly Element.  Always perfecting his producing capabilities, he is getting better and better creating custom beats for emcees that need them.  So check him out, you won’t be disappointed.


 The Temple of Hiphop

If you are feeling the efforts that KRS-ONE is trying to do for hip hop.  Then go to his page and become a supporter, its time cats start preserving self and think about the future.  Remember, you are Hip Hop.




D.L.T. is a fellow lyricist that brings it raw.  Not just lyrically but musically with a Christian message.  He is a hip hopper for Jesus.  He doesn’t bite bible versus; he comes original.  He is gifted and worth checking out.




Athena AKA Pandora

Another underground artist that gets creative and raw.  Athena is producing beats, laying down lyrics, and bringing clear pleasantries to the ear.  She has a lot to say and brings it straight to the point.



Spitboxer is an audio and text post board.  By far this is the best spot for posting audio and getting good critics and feedback.  Members at Spitboxer bring on raw audios worth checking out.    If you want to improve your audio skills you may want to go here and check this place out.


How to make audio directions

I know some of you guys wondering on how you get audio’s done through your pc.  Well here is a quick link on how the task can be accomplished, check it out so that you can get started doing them yourself.  Not only well it give you insight on recording but posting on the web as well, I wish I had the software they give on there when I got started.  If you have any further questions email me.