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this is my 2pac Home page I have made other web pages but I didnt Do as well im going to try to keep this one up to date i need work on this one more often because my other home page is Jacked up so if you need any thing just Email me or somthing . and im trying to add more stuff for this site i need to Thank my friend maria shes been there when I needed her and nancy too also my friend Paige well thanks for comming , but come back again and check out the links on the side :} laterz
Picture Gallery
If any one wants to use thess Pics of Tupac from my home page write me if any one uses thess and doesnt ask I will take them off your web site,
Click on stuff to get my free e-mail, search , chat, goto the message board , and see my contact and more thenks for comming and i will be adding more stuff and please could u click on the banner before u leave its in the stuff link thanks :}

photo Information
avery one check out the link's on the side i just added some more bone thugs and spice 1 and if links dont work e-mail me at this adderess thanks..

My Chat Room
ey avery one come check out my chat room its kinda krazy :P just try it and e-mail and tell me how u liked it :} thansk later

thanks for comming to this page i been working on it and i been changing alot if any thing or somthings not working could u e-mail me and tell me thanks