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Sun and Moon Combinations

Sun Leo, Moon Aries

You have courage, verve and enthusiasm but you must learn not to ride roughshod over others. If you can see beyound your own needs, you can go far.

Sun Leo, Moon Taurus

You are kind, reliable, dedicated to your family and highly practical but you may be too obstinate for your own good. Traditional outlook on life.

Sun Leo, Moon Gemini

You like to be busy and your mind works overtime. you are indeependent, creative and clever with good leadership qualities but your sarcasm might be a bit too much for some people.

Sun Leo, Moon Cancer

A real family person with strong need to mother people. your emotions may overtake you at times. You like the past and tradition. Very caring and kind.

Sun Leo, Moon Leo

Dramatic and outgoing, you need to dazzle others. You are funny and entertaining but might be a bit too self-centred for comfort. Try to cope with details rather than ignore them.

Sun Leo, Moon virgo

You could be an excellent employer as you can delegate and also work in a logical manner. Your sharp tongue might be a bit hard to live with. You are very honest and basically kind natured.

Sun Leo, Moon Libra

Very affectionate and probably very sexy, you have a great sense of style. You also have a good head for business but you may be too fond of having things your own way.

Sun Leo, Moon Scorpio

Very intense and strong personality, possibly too dramatic. You are very loyal and may be rather possessive but your colleagues will respect you for your honesty and your capacity for work.

Sun Leo, Moon Sagittarius

Very adventurous, you cannot be tied down. You are loyal, proud and kind-hearted. You have high personal standards but will have to curb your sarcasm and also think before committing yourself.

Sun Leo, Moon Capricorn

Very organized and ambitious, you are destined to succeed in some traditional field of work. Don't ride roughshod over others or cover up your softness too much.

Sun Leo, Moon Aquarius

You have strong opinions and can throw yourself into a cause. You are loyal, faithful and have a well developed sense of fair play. Try to develop practicality and a flexible outlook.

Sun Leo, Moon Pisces

A dreamer and mystic who can bring dreams to life. It is hard for you to turnaway from those who need your help and strength. Don't become down-hearted if all your plans don't work out. Creative and kind-hearted.

Sun Virgo, Moon Aries

YourYour mind is sharp and so is your tongue. Being quick and clever you can succeed at many jobs. Self-expression in the form of writing is essential for you.

Sun Virgo, Moon Taurus

Interested in the growing and preparing of foods, creative in a structured way and kind. You may lack the confidence to get things off the ground. Sensible, helpful and practical outlook.

Sun Virgo, Moon Gemini

You are very quick and clever, your mind and tongue are rarely still. You can gather and analyse information but your intellect may prevent you from getting in touch with your own and other people's feelings.

Sun Virgo, Moon Cancer

Very canny, interested in food and nutrition. Could be a good business person in a small way. You worry about your family and can be a bit too fussy and moody for comfort.

Sun Virgo, Moon Leo

Caring, conscientious and organized, you can be relied upon to get things done. You may work with children. Your personal standards are very high but you lack confidence.

Sun Virgo, Moon Virgo

Lack of confidence partly due to an unhappy childhood. you may pay too much attention to details and worry too much about small matters. Honest and kind, you always try to help others and do your duty in every way.

Sun Virgo, Moon Libra

You are neat and tidy, you enjoy organzing. Could be a good mediator or co-operative worker. Good thinker but slow to make decisions. A good cook.

Sun Virgo, Moon Scorpio

Clever and critical, you would make a very good doctor or nurse. You need to get to the bottom of things but may be too cool for comfort towards others.

Sun Virgo, Moon Sagittarius

Humanitarian and thoughtful, you are interested in education. Warm and friendly and sometimes impulsive, you can also attend to details. Could make a good teacher but an even better travel agent.

Sun Virgo, Moon Capricorn

Good in business but possibly too self-disciplined and serious. You are capable, concientious and clever but you need to cultivate a sense of fun and give some attention to the needs of others. Very reliable family member.

Sun Virgo, Moon Aquarius

Wou could be a wonderful teacher. Deep thinker, very helpful to those in need. Don't let your need for independence deprive you of family life or keep you separated from your feelings.

Sun Virgo, Moon Pisces

you live to serve the needs of others and then wonder why your own needs are not being met. Your mind is good when projected outwardly towards intellectual pursuits. Intuitive, interested in medicine and nutrition.

Sun Libra, Moon Aries

You are a good initiator but might find it difficult to finish what you start. Others may help you to do this. You are clever and intuitive but can be selfish and impatient. Good in a crisis.

Sun Libra, Moon Taurus

you are attractive to look at and have excellent taste. you love music and art byt may be too lazy to become skilled yourself. Good homemaker and family person with practical business mind.

Sun Libra, Moon Gemini

A theorizer with a good mind, you can be superficial. Dextrous and clever you have the ability to put techniques into practice as long as you have help from others. Keep in touch with your feelings and those of others.

Sun Libra, Moon Cancer

Kind and pleasant, you make a nice home and are a good caring family member. Good personnel manager or accountant. you need to close off from others from time to time to do your own thing.

Sun Libra, Moon Leo

You are in love with love half the time with a romantic and dramatic attitude to life. Clever and creative but cold become easily bored. Very clever in business or politics.

Sun Libra, Moon Virgo

Pleasant, charming and sensible, you can do most things as long as they are not messy or dirty. Loyal to friends. Good at detailed work. Literate and musical.

Sun Libra, Moon Libra

You are very attractive both in looks and as a personality but you may be in a bit of a dream half the time. you may need to be more decisive and more energetic.

Sun Libra, Moon Scorpio

Strongly sexed and intense, you would be a handful for anyone who comes close to you. You are determined and businesslike but must watch a tendency to dominate others.

Sun Libra, Moon Sagittarius

You will probably travel quite a bit on business and should be great at dealing with and negotiating with foreigners. The legal prfession would draw you as you have a good sense of judgement.

Sun Libra, Moon Capricorn

You are very purposeful and a harder worker than Librans usually are. you could be very successful as your judgement of people is pretty acute.

Sun Libra, Moon Aquarius

Very independent and also quite clever. You have good judgement and are able to lead others strongly but calmly. You imagination is strong and could be used to make your living.

Sun Libra, Moon Pisces

Very artistic and musical, you can be a dreamy romantic. Both your appearance and your nature are attractive. you have a deep level of untuition but may be a bit slow to put things into action.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Aries

You have a strong character but might be too ready to fight everything ans everyone. Your Feeling are intense and your temper rather short but you have deep reserves of courage and can achieve a great deal.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Taurus

Sensual and musical you might have great talent for something attractive like horticulture. you may be too obstinate or too practical. Avery reliable type.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Gemini

This combination shows a difficult childhood and an early sense of loss. Don't continue to view the world with too much suspicion. Very clever and intuitive about people.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Cancer

Attractive to look at and talk to, you are deeply intuitive but may be able to relate more easily to animals than to people. your moodiness will be your weak point.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Leo

You fixed opinions it is hard for you to adapt. Loyal to your family especially you children. You can finish what you start. Guard against overdramatizing everything.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Virgo

This shows a difficult childhood with feelings of alienation. Try to develop trust in others. Clever and dutiful, you could be drawn to a career in the medical profession.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Libra

You are attractive and clever, this combination gives diplomacy and determination, you would make a good politician. You may either swamp your family with your personality or ignore them while pursuing you career.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Scorpio

You have a powerful personality and often feel passionate about everything. Try not to dominate other. You can chieve almost anything you set your mind to.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Sagittarius

Clever and clairvoyant, you would make a good lawyer or businessman but also a good detective. You sense of humour helps you to keep everything in perspective.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Capricorn

You could be a rather serious and determined person. You would reach the top in any field you set your heart on but could miss out on the personal side of life until your later years.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Aquarius

you are independant and clever with a strong intuitive streak. You are decisive and instinctive but might be something of an intolerant tough guy.

Sun Scorpio Moon Pisces

Intuitive and artistic, probably musical. You have a stron drive to help others, probably in the field of health. You can withdraw into injured silence or spitefulness if you feel threatened.