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welcome to my page everyone, i hope you guys have fun w. this :D cuz i shure didnt.. haha well right now my lfie is *thumbs down* so i decided to work on my page to make me feel better. and so when i flip out i can blame it on this html crap.. hahah oh geez.. well i think this is going to be all open n shit in like 5 days or so.. i just need you guys to send me pictures.. haha okay?? well then ill be off now ^_^ toodles baby!

- what alice nam dislikes-
fake people-
ppl who dont keep it real- hahahaha-
broken hearts-
lonely tears-
evil men-
old chicken-
stuck up girls-
slutty girls-
mean people :(-
when its humid-
bugs *eww*-
comps that lag!!-