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A long commericial is shown on the television as hoodrat is watching the commercial.The stage is set. Hoodrat vs. Dmitri will take place at Retribruiton in a 2 out of 3 falls match. The first fall will be a singles match. The second fall will be a barbed wire match. The third match if needed will be a last man standing match to determine the winner of the match. Both hoodrat and dmitri have been at it for weeks. They both hate each other and they both are looking to kill each other this week at retribrution. This rivalry all started over four weeks ago at the special christmas war games when danica shardae turned on dmitri and bloodlust to join the empire which is led by hoodrat. Ever since that night hoodrat and dmitri have been attacking each other and calling each other out. Now this helicaious battle between dmitri and hoodrat will finally end. Both men don't care who wins the match. All they want to do is to make sure that the other person does not walk out of the arena alive. There are many rivalries in the world such as Lakers vs. Celtics, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Redwings vs. Avalanche, and Colts vs. Patriots but no rivalry can match the rivalry between hoodrat and dmitri. Dmitri wanted to originally put his career on the line in this match because he is confident that he is going to be victorious against hoodrat in this match and hoodrat wanted to put his number one contendership on the line because he is also very confident that he is going to beat dmitri in this 2 out of 3 falls match. Both of these men would risk anything just to get at each other. There's no secret that the empire and bloodlust hate each other. Dmitri is the one who took out layne horizon who is in the empire and xander ashton who was at once one time in the empire is now in bloodlust. The Empire and Bloodlust will along with the whole world find out which stable is better and which wrestler is better when the match between hoodrat and dmitri is over. This match has so much meaning because of all the events that have taken place especially because of what happened at last week's war games when dmitri sidelined layne horizon permanetly and hoodrat came out all by himself and started to attack dmitri. Dmitri and Hoodrat kept beating the hell out of each other and security could not keep them apart. The security that was inside of the building tried to break up dmitri and hoodrat over and over but they just kept over powering the security and beating the shit out of each other. They both were relentless and they wanted to kill each other. They both didn't feel like waiting for their match at retribrution. You could see the fire in their eyes and you could tell from that moment on that they both were going to put each other through hell during their match at retribrution. This is the most anticipated match of the century. Never before has a match been this important and been this serious or this personal. This isn't just a normal match this is far from normal. This match isn't even a match this match will be a fight. This will be a fight of death. There is no doubt about it that both of these men will not be the same after this match. This is the kind of match that ends of changes careers and you can bet your ass that at retribrution hoodrat and dmitri will be different coming out of the match then they were coming in the match. This is a once in a lifetime match so make sure that you call your local pay-per-view provider and order this match because you will be beating yourself up for the rest of your life if you don't.

:: Hoodrat's cell phone starts to ring and he see's who it is and it is vic bates. Hoodrat then flips open the phone and he starts to talk to vic bates.::

Hoodrat: Hello?

Vic Bates: Hey, what's going on?

Hoodrat: Nonthing. I just saw this commercial about the pay-per-view and they only talked about one match. I mean i know how important the match against dmitri is but it seems like that's the main focus.

Vic Bates: Of course it is. I think that it should be the main event. You are the main event. I know that your going to destroy dmitri not just for yourself but for layne. I thought you were crazy when you went out there all by yourself but you just went after dmitri and i thought you lost it. I know that you are going to destroy dmitri.

Hoodrat: Thanks man. I know that you are going to bring championship gold to the empire. Then i know that danica is going to win her match and be the number one contender.

Vic Bates: Yeah, I hope that the empire has a clean sweep at the pay-per-view. Anyways what are you up too today?

Hoodrat: I'm going to the cemetery.

Vic Bates: Uhh why are you going there?

Hoodrat: I'm taking the camera crew. I'm going to say something to dmitri from the cemetery.

Vic Bates: Ohh ok. Well I'll let you go then. I'll talk to you later.

Hoodrat: Later man.

:: Hoodrat hangs up his cell phone. He then flips his phone back on and he calls the camera crew and he tells them to meet him over at the local cemetery. He then hangs up his phone again. He then decides to get a quick shower. He then gets out of the shower and he grabs this black gym bag that he has laying around. He then puts a big cup inside of the gym bag and he also puts a big shovel inside of the gym bag. He then grabs a bottle of water out of his refrigerator and then he grabs his black gym bag and goes outside too his car. He opens up the trunk of his car and he puts the black gym bag inside of the trunk. He then unlocks the door of his car and gets inside of it. He then starts up the car and he puts on the local rap music station and then leaves his house. He is driving and driving and then he decides to stop at a local convenience store. He gets out of his car and he goes inside of the convenience store. As soon as he gets inside the store he is being greeted by everybody. Now he is really focused but he greets all of the fans. He signs autographs for everybody and he thanks everybody for their well wishes. He then grabs a box of black trashbags and he pays for it and then he leavs the store. He then opens the trunk of his car and then he opens the black gym bag and he puts the black trashbags inside of the black gym bag and then he closes the trunk. He then gets back inside of his car and he leaves the store. He then continues to drive down the highway and everybody passes him and beeps at him and wish him good luck by yelling out of their car windows and he just waves at the people and then continues to drive. Then on the radio they play a commercial for the pay-per-view retribruiton and they mainly talk about the match of the century between hoodrat and dmitri. Then he pulls off of the highway and then he arrives at the cemetery. All of the camera crew are already there at the cemetery waiting for him. All of the camera's are set up and all of the camera crew are sitting inside of their trucks. Hoodrat gets out of his car and then he opens up his trunk and then he grabs his black gym bag. All of the camera crew are watching what he's doing and they are all confused and wondering what he has inside of the black gym bag. Hoodrat then throws the black gym bag on the ground. Hoodrat then goes and kneels down at a nearby tombstone. On the tombstone it says "In memory of t-money and homicide's career's. They had a great career until that damn hoodrat came into the picture. They will never be forgotten." Hoodrat then taps the tombstone and then he gets up. He then opens up the gym bag and he pulls out the black trashbags and the big shovel along with the big cup. He then starts to dig the dirt up next to a tombstone that says "Here lies the career and life of dmitri, he wanted to be a real vampire but all he got was a severe ass kicking and a career ending and life ending injury at the hands of the main event hoodrat." Hoodrat has six feet of ground and dirt dug up now. He then opens the black trash bag. He then pulls out this liquid inside of his black gym bag which looks to be a container of human blood. He then pours the blood inside of the cup that he had inside of his gym bag. He then goes to his car and pulls out a blow up doll which looks exactly like dmitri. He then signals for the camera crew to start filming as he begins to speak.::

Hoodrat: It all ends for you this week dmitri. Your career and your life will be over after this match. Soon the time for talking will be over and soon the time for fighting will begin. You see you attacked me two weeks ago behind my back because you know that you cannot beat me when i know that your coming. Then you attacked my good friend layne horizon and you probably ended his career. Dmitri i hope that ending his career was worth it because this week at retribruiton i will end your career and i will do it with a big smile on my face. You see when i destroy you this week i will be destroying you for not only me but i will be doing it for layne horizon, danica shardae, vic bates, and kobe kole. We all want to see you destroyed. As a matter of fact half of this company wants to see you get destroyed. Myself along with everybody else are just tired of you and your act. We are tired of you pretending like you are a vampire and attacking people when they don't know your coming. That's why danica left you. She got tired of the games and she wanted to join real men that fought fair and that didn't have to do sneak attacks on people just to get their point across. You see she left you just simply because you couldn't get the job done. She left you because she was tired of being with a pussy and she wanted to be with a man. And naturally she chose the greatest men in this business which is the empire. Dmitri you know that your time is coming to an end so you are just going out and recruiting every loser that you can find. I mean first you get that stable whore xander ashton to join your little stable which i really saw that coming because there wasn't any other stable left for him to join and i'm sure that if there is ever another stable that he will join that so you don't have anything to worry about until a new stable emerges and then if i were you i would get worried. Now you go and recruit that loser tommy siretta. I mean what is wrong with you. How can you trust somebody in your group that couldnt even run his own company. He ran dwa and they had to close the doors because he didn't know what he was doing. You could see that he was getting desperate the last few months when he had to get our owners to appear on his shows for ratings and when he tried to get the empire to appear at his pay-per-view. But hey you can do whatever you want dmitri and if you really want people in your stable that aren't worth anything then you can go ahead because i really don't care. The only thing that i care about is our 2 out of 3 falls match and how i am going to end your career. Dmitri in this match i mean going to beat the living hell out of you from the beginning of the match all the way to the end and when you are screaming and crying like the little bitch that you are i am just going to continue to kick your ass all over that ring and there is nothing that your little friends can do about it because they aren't aloud at ringside. Nobody will be at ringside. Not anybody from the empire and not anybody from blood lust. It will be just me and you to figure out who truly is the better man. Dmirti i am the fucking main event and after i am done ending your career you can bet your ass that i will be going after your little friend xander ashton and his war god championship if he still happens to be the champion that is. My goal is to get rid of blood lust once and for all and to be the new war god champion and at retribrution when i beat you and end your career that will be the beginning of my goals.

:: Hoodrat then puts the blow up doll that looks exactly like dmitri inside of a trash bag. He then grabs the shovel and he beats the trashbag that has the blow up doll inside of it. The blow up doll breaks up into pieces and then hoodrat throws the trashbag with the blow up doll inside into the grave. Hoodrat then gets the bag with the human blood inside it and he pours it into the cup. He then pours the cup onto the trashbag with the blow up doll inside of it which is buried in the grave. Hoodrat then takes the shovel and he puts all the dirt back in the grave. Hoodrat then gets really angry and he grabs his shovel and he beats all of the camera crew with it and he throws them into their vans. Hoodrat then takes one of the cameras and sets it up. Hoodrat then looks into the camera and then he starts to speak again.::

Hoodrat: Dmitri you idiot i hope you just saw what i fucking did. You see i just took out this whole camera crew because i cannot wait for the violence. I cannot wait for the blood to shed and i cannot wait to hurt somebody. I have hatred in my veins and hatred in my heart right now and i want to unleash it all out on you. I don't wanna wait to retribrution i want to kick your ass right now. What i just did with the blood and the blow up doll was a message to you. It is what i am going to do to you at the pay-per-view. You see after i am done kicking your ass and after i am announced as the winner of the match i am going to pick you up and throw you inside the back of my car and i am going to drive you hear to this cemetery where i will bury you alive and where i will bury you right next to the grave of homicide and t-money's career. You see i have a habit of ending careers and yours will be no exception. I don't care about championships right now or anything else all i care about is to end your life. I don't care about one damn thing in the world. I could care less about anything except the fact that i am going to destroy you. I wanna fight and i wanna fight now and since i can't fight you then it looks like i will have to go after these camera crew.

Hoodrat then takes the shovel and he looks at one of the camera men who is laying on the ground and he is about to smash the head of the camera man when he hears a voice to tell him to stop. He turns around to see who it is.::

Hoodrat: Who the hell are you?

Mystery Man: I am an old friend.

Hoodrat: Come closer so i can see.

:: The mystery man comes closer and it appears to be none other than the once wrestling action revolution superstar the landlord who is in a wheel chair. The Landlord is in a wheel chair because of the injuries that he suffered at the hands of hoodrat.::

The Landlord: How's it going man?

Hoodrat: What the hell are you doing here and why are you talking to me? I ended your career. You should hate me and you should wanna kill me.

The Landlord: I did hate you for a while and i did wanna kill you but don't let this wheelchair confuse you. I am not handicapped i am just using this wheel chair because i just had surgery. I am working on returning to the ring one day but the doctors have told me that i am not aloud to return to the ring yey.

Hoodrat: Okay. Now what are you doing here?

The Landlord: I am here to help you. We used to be the derrty jersey boyz and i was the co-founder of the empire and i want back in. I want back in the fold. I want to be your manager and help you destroy dmitri and to help you become the war god champion.

Hoodrat: First of all i dont need help. But if you do want back in than i can always use your advice and guidance. Welcome back.

:: Hoodrat shakes the landlord's hand as the scene fades to black.::

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