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Donna Carol


The journey of our lives are filled with ups and downs.
God sees our hurts, pains, defeats, and victories.
He enjoys His children living in victory,
yet the uncertainties of life make us grow.

Please pray, as this journey in His ministry continues,
that His blessings cover the current scheduling
and all the people who are working so hard to support this work.

We trust that God is in control!!

Don't give thought to what will happen tomorrow.....
today gives us enough to worry about....
(ref.p. Matthew 6:34)

What's Happening...............

God is so good!! Wow! We have been busy and on the road. It is really lots of fun to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ. Everywhere we go, everyone is so gracious and encouraging. We solicit your prayers for guidance from the Lord in all we do, wisdom to hear His voice and protection as we travel.

I am writing songs all the time, so many new ones! Can't wait for you to hear some of the new tunes. Also, I'm working on new arrangements for some old hymns. Hoping you will like the new sounds.

We are looking forward to getting into the studio soon for a couple of new cds. Hopefully, we will be doing a cd of some of the old hymns, a worship cd and Christmas cd with some original new songs and a few old favorites!!

Keep checking back for new info on these upcoming projects!

You Need to Book Donna Carol for Your Next Event!!

You will be impressed with Donna's ability
to reach groups of all ages for the Lord. Through her speaking, songwriting, and singing
souls are inspired to open their hearts
to our Savior, Jesus.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding availability on specific dates, for any upcoming event,
please e-mail us.