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Home Town Life

Barn swings are captivating to the city folk.


The fair isn't the fair without a water fight in the pig barn.


Falling of barn rafters isn't as bad as it sounds.

Barn Rafters                                                                      

Pigeon poop being toxic is a myth, I can prove it.

Barn Pigeon                                                                    

Golfcarts are permitted town wide on the 4th of July.

Golf Cart!                                                                      

Burger King was coolest thing to happen to Northwood in a long time.

Burger King!                                                  

Open dirt and a hose always results in an awesome mud war.

Open DirtHose                                   

In Northwood that dog that pees on you is always the one you pick to take home.


Mamma and Uncle Doug had manure fights for fun.


Tree forts are indesructable here.

Tree Fort                                                                                        

My cousin found it entertaining to head butt a steal bike at full speed.

Steel Bike                                                              

At 10, Grandpas antique junkyard is the coolest place in the world.

Antique Junk Yard                                                                             

One time my brother and his friends shot 34 rabbits, 12 sqirrels and 4 cats all in one day.

hunting rifle

Sandpit sledding is only possible about once a decade.


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