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Welcome ... (Site updated July 2009 )

Hello and welcome to: "The Photo Fix".

Remember when looking at examples on this site, the color & quality may look off, due to resizing.

I have been doing digital work on photographs since 2001.I have 100% customer satisfaction.

I love my job and that makes my work the BEST quality and keeps my customers happy and always coming back.

If you are new to digital work on photos, I will explain here a little more in depth to as what I have to offer you.


A digital port is basicly any type of photograph that you would like made into fun, fantasy, mystical or mythical. Anything and any place or time your imagination can come up with. I take YOUR photo and digitaly cut the person or persons OUT of the photo and put them into a whole new world of your choice or mine.Then I began to digitaly paint and enhance images onto this for you.

A "Digital Port" is so absolutely breath taking in a frame on your wall or shelf, they also make the PERFECT gift for your friends and family. They can also become a beautiful Christmas card, anniversary, or Birth announcment. Anything you can dream up basicly.

When you send your photo to me through email (or postal mail)it must be a very CLEAR and very LARGE photo. If not then the photo will not turn out right at all.

Once your digital Port is finished I will either email it back to you, and it will be the right size for you to print out as a 8X10


A glitz enhancemt became popular in the pageant world that my children have grown up in. Basicly the subject in the photo becomes baby doll or super model look alike. FLAWLESS. This is what makes the GLITZ pageant world go round. You basicly will have NO CHANCE of winning without them. They have also become VERY popular with people outside of the pageant world.

For a glitz enhancement, you would send me your photo via email, very CLEAR and very LARGE. Once it is finished, I will email it back to you, ready to be printed out into an 8X10 size.

I do children and adults Enhancements.


As of Jan. 2009 I will now require full payment before your proofs are sent to you, due to having two customers RIP ME OFF, who had programs to remove my proof watermarks. I put to many hours and to much hard work into a photo, to have someone keep having me change something over and over, and then NOT PAY ME, because they ran to Office Depot or Walmart and got the program to remove my word proof on the photos. They then had a handful of new photos and I had nothing to show for my hard work. I apologize to all of my regular and honest customers, I thank you for understanding my situation.




Compare Digital ports that I do, to the ones that Sears now does.

Mine -$20.00 ea....Sears- starts at $99.00

Return time:

Mine 2-5 days...Sears 4 to 6 weeks.


I ACCEPT PAY PAL (below) or a postal money order or well hidden cash. Email me for my mailing address.


Photobucket PAYPAL ADDY IS:



Click here for my examples:

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My book will be for sale August 2009