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-=PiNoY FliP CreW BreaKinG PaGe=-

What's up PeePs? This welcome to tha "PiNoy FliP CreW BreaKiN PaGe". This page will give you all your bboyin needs... i will add pics, movies, moves lists...etc..well for now so long.....check out the member profiles and the cru history

Here are the current members of this elite breakin' cReW

Here R some ProFiLeS of tha BreakErz and links

Profiles of Neo,Ayos,Lindol
Profiles of Kid Larry, Neilio, Fliptech (not finished)
Great site with tons of moves
another great site with movies and stuff
Heres the FMYO web page - check it out -it has nothing to do with breaking though but check it out
Here is the HiStorY of ouR CrU