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MOveZ 4 da BBoyZ + BGirlZ


Also known as Footwork or DownRock. Looks as if Bboy/Girl is running in a circle with hands on floor. Once mastered many nuances are added. A Bboy or Bgirlz downrock shows off their abundance or lack of sTyLE.


Basic Windmill: (aka Continuous Backspin) Legs spread, rolling from hands to shoulders to hands to shoulders and so on. Legs are straight and spread and do not touch the ground. Legs revolve in cirular motion vertically as body spins in circular motion horizontally. Only shoulders, and hands touch the floor.
Mummy: (No hands)Hands crossed over chest, roll from forearms to shoulders to forearms to shoulders, etc.
Pyramids: (No Hands) Hands on knees, roll from head to shoulders to head to shoulders to head to shoulders, much like the shampoo. Can also be done by hopping from shoulders to shoulders to shoulders, skipping the head.
Tips: Keep legs straight and spread. Build up speed by pushing off with hands, not by kicking. Watch ya head! Be patient. There are an infinite variety of possible WinD MiLLs, bE CreaTiVe...


Legs spread and rotating horizontally about the the body. Only hands touch the floor. Arms are lifted to let legs through. Legs and hips actually rotate around shoulders which are the central axis.
Tips: Requires good upper-body strength, and some flexibility. Stretching legs, shoulders, and wrists and doing push-ups on a regular basis will help greatly. Kick legs high, especially on sides. Knees can be bent in the back while learning. Swing hips out in a circle. Also Be careful not to kick the hips up too high, what goes up must come down. Swing hips in a circle at a consistent level, kick legs up and through on sides. Practice.


Balanced on only two hands with elbows placed in the gut, Bboy/Girl spins by walking in a circular motion. Creates an almost figure-eight pattern on the floor as breaker spins.
Crickets - Bouncing Turtles - done by placing only one elbow in gut and pushing off ground with free hand.
Their are many StYLeS of Turtles -
Tips: Practice balancing on hands without moving at first. This will strengthen the wrists, arms and gut as well balance. Next learn to walk in various directions in this position. Once these are mastered, spinning Turtles should come rather quickly, easily and without risk of injury. Enjoy!