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Hello there ! Glad to see you :) !

Introducing myself :

I am Nikhil Sukhtankar. ( Can't pronounce my last name !! well.. Join the gang! You need not flex your facial muscles too much anyway ! )

I originate from India. I was born in the beautiful city of Bombay, on the mid-west coast of India. 

Latest News .. !, I graduated in Dec 2000 with Master's in Computer Information Sciences at Cleveland State University.. and now I work for GAP Inc. Direct at Columbus, Ohio. ,  

You can get in touch with me at at : OR

I love to make friends !  I love to meet new people, get to know about new cultures and traditions!

Music is my passion! I can enjoy most types of music.. especially rock and pop ! I love hard rock! well, let me put it this way !  I listen to rock music and I hear techno / R & B stuff ! makes sense?
    Bands I like.. Metallica.. GNR.. Savage Garden.. Led Zeplin .. Dire Straits and ..!!

Traveling is something I would never give up!

Saving Private Ryan, Truman Show, Matrix are a few movies which qualify to be in my Hall of Fame !

The Godfather easily takes the Best Novel title.. I really adore that personality "The Godfather - Don Vito Corleon "

Hollywood heroes I like ! well! Tom Hanks, one and only John Travolta (remember the way he holds the cigarette)!

Actresses ! well.. hehehe .. all ! but  nothing like Demi's sensitive eyes ! nothing like Nicole Kidman's sensuous smile! nothing like the curvaceous features of Cindy Crawford !  no one as cute as Alicia Silverstone! and no one as sexy as Jenniffer Lopez! "Simply Beautiful ..  yes. she is!!  Ms Jennifer Aniston!

Britney Spears OR Christina Anguilera -> the later one
    Salman Khan OR Amir Khan -> the later one
    Becker OR Edberg -> the former one (ofcourse)
Schumacher OR Hakkinen -> the former one!

Well who says I am an atheist??   Four gods that I worship :
            Sachin Tendulkar  The Greatest Cricket player in the history of the game

Amitabh Bacchan  The soul of the Indian Film Indutry, The Crorepati!
      Michael Jordan  The magician , does he need an introduction !!
Boris Becker  The golden Boy ! Boom Boom Becker!

I am a lot into sports ! Love all kinds of sports !

Cricket! Though is infected by a lot of allegations and controversies! Dont think I will ever lose my interest in cricket! As far as my cricketing activity is concerned, I am a proud team player of Everest Cricket Club, the winners of the 2001 Midwest Cricket Championship.

Tennis! once was an era when Boris Becker played.. Goran Ivanisevic is another one I love watching!

Soccer! well.. Love Argentina, they need Maradona again! Germany, Mr Consistent!  Holland, I think they need strong mind and strong will to win, they have everything else !  England.. same case! Brazil .. oooh.. most talented team I would say! Croatia.. the upcoming stars!

NBA.. star studded Chicago Bulls (best team ever ) had no competition what so ever with Michael Johnson, Scotty Pippen, Denis Rodman!!

hmmm.. and so on...

My portfolio :

Birthdate : 15th February 1977

Starsign : Aquarius ( ofcourse ) ( quite justified )

Height : 5 feet 11

what more !! Why dont you check me out in my Photo Gallery !

"That was my truth !! What is yours!!?!!"