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Stories and Poems

All stories and poems in this page are fiction
They have been written solely by Naomi Ewer and they will be updated at the end of every week.

My Father's Shadow
A Short Story
    I had not had a bad day like this one for a long time.  Here I was, Lori Carson sitting on a chair in the principle's office.  I had no clue what to expect and then he said the words I'll never forget, "I'm sorry Lori but your mother's died in car accident." For a minute I thought I had heard him wrong because my next words were, "What?" he repeated and said that my mother had died in a car accident and, "By the way, " he added, "Your father's here waiting for you outside.  He says you'll be moving with him to the city I'm sorry you won't be with us any longer."  With that he sent me out of his office.  At my locker I gathered my school books and placed them into my backpack.      I searched the parking lot when suddenly a yellow cab pulled up and a man in a dark suit stepped out.  I looked up at him, he was tall and his shadow loomed over me like a dark cloud; I felt cold.  "Are you Lori Carson?" he asked,
    "Yes." I replied, "Are you my father?"
    "Yes." Opening the door of the cab he motioned for me to get in.  I took a seat by the window and watched as he got in after me closing the; the cab drove down the road.  Silence settled in.  Neither I nor my father spoke as the cab drove along.  Not knowing what to do I glanced over at him.  To me he was a complete stranger whom I knew nothing about; except that he was my father.  My parents had divorced when I was a baby, so he was never around and except for showing me their wedding picture mother never mentioned him.  All of the sudden I realized that except for my school books and backpack I had none of my other belongings.  In a panic I turned to my father,
    "Sir," I wasn't quite comfortable with addressing him as father yet, "I've left my clothes and things at my mother's house."  Almost before I could finish my sentence he said,
    "Your clothes have been sent from you mother's house to my home in the city and will be there when we arrive."
Then he was still.  There was no need for me to continue.  Silence settled set in again and we soon reached our destination.
    As we came inside my eyes wandered about the large room.  A bright chandelier swayed from the ceiling and portraits of various paintings hung on the walls.  I noticed a set of stairs lead up to the second floor while another led down to the basement.  My father's house had two stories.  Suddenly, the sound of brisk footsteps caught my attention as a lady came towards us.  My father took her aside, said something to her and then left the room.  I started to follow but the lady led me up stairs to where I was told to take a bath and go to bed; I obeyed.
    After my bath I found my pajamas laying neatly on my bed.  Changing into them I climbed into the warmth of my covers.  It was as if the weight of everything that had happened came down on me and I started to cry.  My mother was dead, I had left school and now I was living with my father.  I felt scared and alone; everything had changed.
Check in next week for the second installment of this exciting story!