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I try to live life as best as I can, all evils can only be faced not ran away from. I walk through my opponents never fearing anything including death and looking down the barrel of a gun. I have many regrets but the only thing I do is learn from them. I am an extraordinary person with a big heart. I learn from people everyday from idiots to very intelligent people. I donít let anyone walk on me. If you try then you have a big damn problem coming because I donít care how big/small/armed/how many friends/connections you have I will do all in my power to conquer you. I have been in some very serious bad situations and have done some messed up things, but I am who I am now because of that and I am a new person now. My music defines that. I grew up in very bad neighborhoods but I donít try to be something that I aint. I produce all of my music every thing is from scratch from the beat to the lyrics. It is my art and when you listen to it you can see the big picture. You feel how I felt at that particular time and to me itís a picture/snap shot of a event or something that I had went through. I hope you enjoy it and donít take it offensively. I am who I am for a reason and im not afraid to show it. I have been doing this for 6 long years and it burns my stress off. I hope you can enjoy it and if you have any questions or comments just send me an email my address is at the bottom of the page.

By. Wes Luther





**Album is currently under construction**




To listen, click on the song and then when prompted click runÖ


1. I was Blind      2. Dreams





Sometimes I get a feeling like something that I feel and I will make an instrumental then listen to it from the start, write lyrics to it, blast it in my studio and produce a song. Then throw it in my collection. I have been told by many people that my music is really good let me know what ya think and send me an email...