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Bout Meself

Mark Elliot
the Ginga one

Right, spose u wanna know a bit bout meself. well, i is Mark Elliot and i is 15 years young. I live in Northampton, but im not gonna tell ya which school i go 2 cos i don want no twisted paedophile comin lookin fer a target.

Fave music: Rap

Fave Group/gang: Wu Tang Clan

Fave footy team: ARSENAL

Best M8s: Matt L, Dean R, Jon D, Matt S, Stuart E and there r a few mo but cos im a lazy git i'm not ganna write bout em

Fave Hobby: Mountain Biking

Fave F1 Team: Jaguar. yeah i know they aint doin well at the mo but their time'll come, THE BIG CAT WILL ROAR SOON

Other fave Motorsport: World Rally Championship, Colin McRae is about 2 kik some serious ass

If ne1 in the northampton area is into Mountain bike Dirt Jumpin, giv me a buzz on me email an giv us ome tips on findin good sites, cos we cant find ne good jumpspots around ere. Right thas all i can fink ov, so i'll cyas all sumtime.