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Me Fave Sites

Dese 'ere links will take ya 2 me fave sites. I don care if u fink dey suck so no complainin innit. (big up nuff respec 2 dean 4 tellin me bout the mp3 sites)

Music Sites

Bresso MP3 site - Da best
The Music Lover - if u is wantin the top 20, here's where 2 go
Wu Tang Website - nuff said
Hip - Essential site
The - Another Essential site
Defjam records - home of Method Man an DMX
Radio 1 Website - Best Radio Station has a Pretty good site
Pyrotechnic Radio - Top quality live broadcasts after 7pm, maximum respec

Mountain Biking Sites

Singletrack Online Bike Shop - well worth a look if yer into Dirt or Street Ridin
If u eva go 2 Aspley Woods near Woburn, dis site is done by 1 of them blokes down dere a lot - I know MBUK isn't the best, but this site is ok.
Leisure lakes - where i got me bike from, pretty smart site
Stif - alright site, hav seen betta though
MTB Heaven - Another Angelfire site, dunno the creator but its pretty cool
MTB Review - Best site fer reviews of bikes, components etc, wit a lot mo bsides

Any Other types

Newgrounds - Absolutely wiked site, sooo funny - Dis site is a bit twisted an u need a certain sense of humour 2 find it funny, but its ok - I fink thats the address, email me if it aint. Decent chat site