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JEEZ its been a while since i could b assed 2 upd8 this page, but ive been real bored recently so i thought wot the hell. then again, aint done much 2 it, jus a new song on the choones section, albeit a decent 1. anyway, if u aint bin ere b4 me is Mark Elliot an i is 15 years young. i live in northampton england an i is jus gettin into dis website buildin stuff. i hav a wide music taste, mostly Rap/HipHop an RnB but i like garage, some trance an some hardcore 2. me fave rap group is the Wu Tang Clan cos they r THE hiphop/rap gang of the millenium. i don really care if u fink rap is shite cos thats ur personal view an i couldnt really giv a shit wot u fink. ne way hav a look round me still small site an email me ne suggestions to make it better. while ur ere take sum time 2 sign Da Guestbook an take part in me poll innit. L8r homees

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