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Miami is a very popular city. It has alot to offer. Including history, parties, lots of cool attractions, and everyonjes favorite thing THE BEACH!!!!!! Miami has almost the best rappers in the world living here and grew up here to.



Know I am going to tell you almost all the information you need to know about Miami.



Miami has the earliest evidence of Native American settlement in the Miami region from like about 12,000years ago. The first inhabitants settled on the banks of the Miami River, with the main villages on the northern banks. The inhabitants at the time of first European contact were the Tequesta people. They controlled much of southeastern Florida, including what is now Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and the southern part of Palm Beach County. The Tequesta Indians fished, hunted, and gahtered the fruit and roots of plants for food. Juan Ponce de Leon was the first European to visit the area in 1513 by sailing into Biscayne Bay. His journal records that he reached Chequescha, which was Miami's first recorded name. It is unknown whether he came ashore or made contact with the Indians. After he left the Tequesta Indians were left to fend themselves from European- introduced diseases like smallpox. In 1844 Miami became the county seat and six years later a census reported that there were 96 residents living in the area.



The surface bedrock under the Miami area is called Miami oolite or Miami limestone. It is covered by a thin layer of soil and is no more than 15m (50 ft) thick. Miami limestone formed as the result of the drastic changes in sea level associated with recent glaciations or ice ages. Beneath the plain lies the Biscayne Aquifer a natural underground river that extends from southern Palm Beach County to nFlorida Bay. Miami has a true tropical climate, with warm, humid summers, and warm, dry winters. The city does experience cold fronts from November through March. However the average monthly temperature for any month has never been recorded as being under 65 F (January averages 67 F), which calssifies the climate as being tropical. Most of the year is warm and humid, and the summers are almost identical to the climate of the Carribean tropics. The city sees most of its rain in the summer (wet season) and is mainly dry in winter (dry season). The wet season, wich is hot and humid, lasts from May to September, when it gives way to the dry season. The hurricane season largely coincides with the wet season.


Cool things about Miami

A lot of people love Miami. A lot of people come over here because of the beaches, weather, and attractions. The people that come down here is spring breakers, vacationers, foriegners, and immigrants. The palce where there is a lot of clubs for any type of music is South Beach. The best place were you can get a really nice tan is the beach.


Comparing Miami With Other Places

Some people might compare with Miami with places like New York or L.A. Trust me Miami is nothing like New York or L.A. First of all Miami has HOT WEAHTER LIKE ALMOST YEAR ROUND!!!!!! New York is colod half the year and hot the rest. The coolest thing about New York in my opinion is the snow. I think its the best. In L.A. I've never been there but I also think the temperature is kinda the same as in Miami. But in Miami and New York the kinda have "cities". In New York the city is muc more better. You have everything you want. You have the skyscrapers, taxis, and subways.


Other Places That Surrond Miami

The other places that surrond Miami are Little Haiti, Cocoanut Grove, South Beach, and Miami Shores. There are differnet places but I can't remeber them all that much. Little Haiti from what I think is where mostly where all the Haitians live. Cocoanut G rove is a nice place there are a lot of people there. South Beach is where all the great and good clubs are at. Miami Shores personally I've never beeen there. Im pretty sure it's a nice place.