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This page is dedicated to:
with love and wishes for a very HOPPY EASTER
and the rest of the year too!


Roly . . . Poly . . .
        wheeeew . . . whew . . .

                Here I COME . . .
                                hu-u-u-u-ff . . . pu-u-u-u-ffff . . .

I do not believe for one minute that it is in a Jellybeans contract to deliver!     But do not worry . . . sigh . . . You are WORTH it!   I will deliver to YOU everyday for one WHOLE week because you are soooo incredibly worthy of my attentions!     (Now, don't you feel special already?)

GOOD! Then heeeeere we go! This is your first gift already! Isn't it beautiful? It was VERY heavy . . . being glass 'n all . . .

But I was very careful,
and it didn't break -
not even a chip!

WOW! No, really . . . WOW! These are some of my buddies . . .
I would like to introduce you to . . .




he's kinda sensitive
about the tail thing.
Best not to go there!

They're identical triplets -- can you tell? And they deserve recognition here because they were a tremendous help in delivering todays gift!

There was just NO WAY one teeeeeny tiny (me) little JellyBean could carry that great big box and alllll those beaUtiful eggs all by myself! So, Flopsy, Mopsy, and um. . . er . . . Cotton . . you know --they offered to help! I was VERY greatful -- specially when they even brought hammers! Cuz hanging things like this is REALLY hard on ol' JellyBean here! Really gives me a HEADACHE! wish I had arms . . . I hope you LOVE it! I thought of YOU as soon as I saw it!

Ohhhh Dear! I bet you're wondering where your tree went! I have been a very busy little JellyBean last night! I transplanted your tree . . . AND I planted a whole garden! Come SEE!

Click Here!

Well, HAPPY THURSDAY! Do ya know what? While I was out digging in the garden last night I found some PRETTIES! Oh Yes! I did! I had to take them home and clean them up a bit -- and I was probably NOT supposed to find them until Sunday . . . but, I just HADDA bring 'em in for you! They are soooo pretty!

And so WIGGLY! Happy Easter

I wonder what's IN 'em!
I think we oughta keep our eye on 'em!

Happy Easter They sort of remind
me of WEEBLES!
Do you remember?
Weebles wobble but
they don't fall down!

Oh, but Look at THIS one! Ohmigosh! This is just the BEST one!

Didn't it clean up purty?

Hmmmmmmmm . . . I was just noticing something. Something VERY straaaaange about this Easter Page. . . we're MISSING something! Yup -- and it's an IMPORTANT something too! Well, don't you worry -- cuz I am a jellybean after all -- and y'know -- some of my closest relatives are CANDY! Yes! We are missing candy here!
Hang tight . . .                              
just a sec . . .          

Oh yeaaaa!
Here we go! Now, we're startin' to LOOK like Easter hear! YUM!

See? I just got on my handy dandy cell phone (I have a headset y'know!) and I called Uncle Hershey, and cousin Cadbury, and of course, Lady Godiva! It just wasn't a problem. They sent it right over! Easiest work I've done all week! The chocolate bar on the bottom I adopted for you from FLUTTERBY. I hope this will do you for a little while anyway.

Oh would'jya look at this? I got chocolate all over me! Ahh! Everywhere I roll, I'm makin' a terrible mess! Oh Golly, Aunt Lynnie, I'm sooooo sorry! I don't know what to DO - it's almost the END -- I gotta give you sooooo many more presents! I guess I just better do it! I will try NOT to get chocolate on the presents . . . I promise . . . I will try REAL HARD!
      Well, here . . . maybe these little guys and gals might help clean up this mess! I was out on the farm and they followed me back -- I think they want to live with you for awhile. Would you mind? I really can't take very good care of them . . . Their not VERY big, and they won't make a big mess -- not like Me! Can you keep 'em - huh?

UH-OH! Somebody's havin' babies! WHO did that??? Did you say you WOULD keep 'em? Awwww! Aunt Lynnie you're the BEST! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Hey! Look what's over THERE! Hang on! I'll be RIGHT BACK! . . . . . . . . . . .

Roly Poly . . . .
              Roly Poly . . . .
                            Roly Poly . . . .

aaaaaahhhhhhhh . . .

Okay! I feel soooooo much better now! NOW I can present you with some truly fabulous gifties! So . . . Look at these!
I really have to apologize to their creators, because I know I saved their link, but I don't know which one goes with which, so I'm retracing my steps and as soon as I find 'em I will give them credit! I soo sorry!

This one came from Da'Bee!

and LAST, but certainly not LEAST . . .

I KNOW I adopted this one from FLUTTERBY!

Are you? Did you have trouble sleeping last night? Boy, I did! Well . . . WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR???
Come along and I will SHOW you the special treat I have been working on! Just follow ME!
Use FEET if you must!


Ohhhh LOOKY! ALLLL these people LOVE my Aunt Lynnie! Well, how could they help theirselves anyway? Of COURSE you may sign it too! The more the merrier I always say!

These are allllll the stores I shopped at to get your presents!

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