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giving someone the power to hurt you
But trusting them not to

This boy named Francis is my life.
We have been together for a while now and i think it is going to work.
We spend as much time as we can together because he has hockey all the time.
He supports me with everything that i do,and of course i support him.
We are getting really close and that is the best feeling in the world.
He is everything that i have been looking for.
He is nice,funny,caring.And the best thing is....
he likes me for me.
He doesn't care what other people think about me.
There have been times where girls are hating and they tell
him to break up with me and start rumors and stuff,
But in the end of the day he is still with me.
I love him for that.
I dont know what love is.
And i dont think i have ever been in love.
But i think i have a good idea of what it feels like.
He walks me home from school sometimes.
And he walks me to class.
He treats me so good.
I Love You