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April 5 th,2007
My name is Katie James. I am a freshman at
Port Huron High School
I am fourteen years old.
I am on the JV softball team.
Softball is my passion.
My grades arent the best but i am hanging in there.
My Best Friend is Amber Dunlop.
We have been friends since the 3rd grade.
I have a boyfriend named Francis who i love to death.
He means the world to me.
I always fall for the wrong guys.
I found a keeper!
I listen to rap and R&B.
I love akon and Lil Wayne.
I like them love songs too.
I must say that Hollister is my favorite brand of clothing.
I am not a prep and i do not like it when people label me.
I hate when people start rumors.
Common now!
We are in high school,Grow up!
I love my cell phone.
If i didn't have that i would most likely go crazy.
My weekends consist of hanging with my friends
and going to the mall.
I am just a normal teenage girl that likes to have fun.
I am hyper 99.9% of the time
unless i dont feel good.
I can't have kids because of some problems
with my ovaries.
Picky people bother me.
I hate it when all people talk about is themselves.
Like they dont care about anyone else.
My favorite color is orange.
Mu room is orange.Most my cloths are orange.
It is just an obsession of mine.
All together i am normally a happy person
but if you get on my bad side,
There will be problems.
I do not like to fight with people.
I think it is pointless to fight over stupid things.
And then a day later be friends again.
Friendship is really important to me.
I do not know what i would do without my friends.
They complete me.
I take critisizem very well and don't let the little things get to me.
I have been called a blonde.
I guess I am not the brightest out of the bunch.
Biology is my least favorite subject.
Litterature is my favorite.
I talk to much.
I admire to much.
I get cold real easily.
I have to wear socks around the house.
Everytime i go in the kitchen,
I have to open the fridge.
I am convinced i have OCD.
I don't get sarcastic to much.
That bothers me.
When people eat cereal and they slurp the milk.
That drives me insane.
People have called me weird.
I like it like that though.
Sometimes i feel like noonne cares.
Most of the time nobody does.
I think that people that change themselves so that other people will like them,
Is pathetic and immature.
If you aint content with who you are,
Go get help.
I have a fedish with telling people how i feel lately.
I can not stand hiding my feelings.
I have to tell you.
When i am sad and mad,
My mom takes me shopping.
That helps me out a little bit.
I hate hockey and soccer.
I have to deal with hockey because my boyfriend and his friends play it.
but i cannot stand soccer at all.
I love to go outside on sunny days and tan.
Tanning helps me relieve stress.
I just cant get enough of it.
I also go to the tanners in the winter.
as most people call it,Fake -n- Bake.
I just love to be tan.
I like to work out a lot.
I have a membership for vikings.
Over summer whenever i can get to the track I do.
I used to be a sore loser.
Until i learned you cant always win.
You win some,you lose some.
I love to read and write poetry.
I am a sensetive person.
There is always something wrong with me.
I have a constant headache.
You get used to it i guess.
I would love it if a guy got me flower.
I have always wanted someone too but it still hasnt happened yet.
I do not like it if you hold grudges.
Get over it.
I used to be a perfectionist...
until i learned that it wasnt all life is about.
You only live once so you better make it good.
And so far mine is really good.
Boyfriends come and go but friends are forever.
I have been living by that quotes since 6th grade and plan on it for a long time.
No boy coould ever replace my friends.
When i talk on the phone,
i have to walk around my house.
I love to watch chick flicks.
Yes.I am a girly girl.
But i love those happy endings.
but welcome to the real world.
My parents are convinced that i am not going to finish high school.
I will prove them wrong.
My mom and dad arent the best parents.
They could care less what i do and when i do it.
that is not a good thing at all,
and sometimes i wish that one day i could ask to go out and them say no!
I hate people that whine about everything.
and they get that annoying tone of voice.
That is another thing that sets me off.
I have to sleep with my fan on at night.
The sound is soothing and the breeze feels good.
I play basketball sometimes too.
I was on the freshman girls basketball team.
We did alright.
We could've done better but we did good enough.
I was also a freshman cheerleader.
That was the funnest season of my life.
I love my girls.
I like to dance in the rain.
It is so much fun and helps cool off.
Optomistic people!
That was just a little bit about me.
Thank you