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B e s t F r i e n d s
[Not] [Even] [kodak]
Can capture our crazy momments

So there is this girl....
And she is pretty much my best friend.
She is always there for me
everytime something goes wrong.
We have been best friends for a long time now
and we have so much fun together.
We take crazy pictures of ourselves.
We go for walks down by the river.
We go for joy rides with her sister.
We drive to the middle of nowhere
just to see where the road goes. We make fake music videos.
No matter what i know
she is always there for me.
Yes.We have our arguments.
But you have to get through them
to get to the good part.
We like to sneak out of my house
in the middle of the night.
We climb out the window
when we could just go through the door.
But we do it for the excitment.
We go swimming at 1:00 in the morning.
We sneak into lakeport State Park
through the hole in the fence.
We babysit my cousins
and have boys come over.
We go to the mall
and almost get in fights.
We have Mac-n-Cheese races
with no hands.
We go camping together
and get lost in the trails.
This girl is the best.
Amber Sue Dunlop