"To Succeed is to Struggle."

The FrontLyne is the Elite.
The Strong.
Those who refuse to sit back and let others fight their battle.
We are the FrontLyne...

Founded in April of 2005, FrontLyne Label Group is home to only the best of the best. When started, C.E.O. Oneil and President Milina were determined to forever leave an impact on not only the music community, but the world. Not content to just follow the current musical trends and fads, Oneil and Milina decided to strip the music industry as we know today down to the bare essentials and rebuild what good music SHOULD be. They sought out to create a camp, an army, of only the most talented and hard working of individuals to march together towards a common goal: Real Music. For their dedication, musical and business prowess, the first FrontLyne Soldiers were hand picked, and thus the reform has begun.

Site still under construction... thank you for being patient!

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