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"supreme abc"

A-ALLAH: is the supreme being original man from Asia. The sole controller and ruler of the universe. Allah is the original man who has knowledge of himself, and to know self, is to know all things in existence. Allah is Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, supreme Head. But it is not and as used in the WORD ISLAM.
breakdown by 5 percenters: Allah is the one who knows and understands everything in the science of life. Allah be the supreme Asiatic Black man. He who has knowledge of self and life. Allah be an arm, leg, leg, arm, supreme head.
is the original Asiatic Black man, the maker and owner of the planet earth and the one who made the Holy Koran which he applies to every mile of land one year to equal his home circumference, who is the all-eye-seeing Allah see all.

B-BORN: be means to exists. Born is to be brought into existence physically and mentally. Just as it takes 9 months to bring a child into this world (physically), it takes 9 stages (from knowledge to born) to be born mentally through Allah's Mathmatics.
breakdown by 5 percenters: Be is to be myself so O ca make the knowledge born to build powers and babies to teach them the math born mentally god, planting the seed of life into the womb of the wisdom borning the strong part, the understanding.
you must be born physically first then you be born (twice) mentally, and the ones who haven't been born (twice) mentally, is the 85% the poison animal eaters, slaves of the mental death and power, people who worship a mystery god. These are the ones that got to be born again.

C-SEE: is to understand clearly through the 3rd eye which is the mind. Your 2 physical eyes are but the doorways to the third eye which is the all-eye seeing.
breakdown by 5 percenters: is to see something in a clear picture through the physical eye which the mental eye detects at eh same time, cause soon as you do the knowledge, your mind be drawing up an understanding so you can counteract with the wisdom to make the cipher complete. The mind is justice, righteous and truth.
to see is to understand; at one time we couldn't truly see the trick thrown over our eyes, but we've been born twice and know that we are Allah the supreme eye that can see all.

D-DIVINE: one must be divine, meaning pure and refined, in order to destroy all negativity.
breakdown by 5 percenters: is something that is being purified from negative things. God himself is divine because he builds upon possitive to keep it divine so it can't be destroyed.
in order for you to be divine, you must destroy all negative thoughts in you brain by building on possitive thoughts, and in this day and time the only way you can be divine is by building with i-self-lord-and-master. (ISLAM)

E-EQUALITY: is to deal equal in all aspects of life. Equality is also the wisdom's (woman) limitation. Due to the fact she only has 6 ounces of brain cells.
breakdown by 5 percenters: is dealing with my alike. Equality is dealing with the devil and wisdom. It deals with them both because it's their limitation which they cannot go above because they would be dealing with god-cipher-divine (G.O.D) itself.

F-FATHER: is one who is qualified to give life both physically and mentally. Physically to Fat-her with the divine seed of god which is the understanding (child). Mentally to Fat-her with the proper knowledge so that she may properly raise the understanding (child).
breakdown by 5 percenters: is when one furthers one's education. Onlt to fat-her with the knowledgeof self so they won't be mentally dead or dumb, deaf, and blind to the reality of life.
is to father (fat-her) the young with the knowledge of self which is righteousness and by teaching them the science of everything in life which is love, peace, and happiness.

G-GOD: is every original man(asiatic black man) on the planet earth. Every man is god by nature God is the original man who posses 7 1/2 ounces of original brain cells.
is the one who knows and understands all that consists in his cipher. God reveals to others taht they are the gods and queens of the planet earth. Allah is god, god is Allah who is the son of man.
is the supreme being, the original man, the one who is a winner without an opponent in everything he deals with, because god put all things here by wisdoming his power and knowledging his equality from all things he built on.

H-HE or HER: he or her has the power to build or destroy, depending in his or her level of awareness, meaning supreme intelligence
breakdown by 5 percenters: be the ones who shine the light so that he could build her to the fullest equality.
must refine her with the knowledge of he, which is god, in order to build and born a strong foundation to carry out civilization through the queen (her).