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Supreme Mathematics
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THE #1 SYMBOLIZES KNOWLEDGE: which is the first aspect of life. Knowledge is infinite.

THE #2 SYMBOLIZES WISDOM: wisdom is the way knowledge is manifested. Wisdom is the bridge between knowledge & understanding. (wisdom is a woman)

THE #3 SYMBOLIZES UNDERSTANDING: understanding is to see clearly with your mental, meaning your 3rd eye which is your mind. (to have a clear picture with you mind)

THE #4 SYMBOLIZES CULTURE or FREEDOM: culture is the way of life. The way of life for five percenters is Islam. Islam is righteous if you are living righteous you have a freedome from negatory thoughts & actions. For the original man with knowledge of his true self the culture is I-God for he realized that he is God himself. (freedom is to speak the truth)

THE #5 SYMBOLIZES POWER or REFINEMENT: power is the truth of god being made known to the uncivilized who lack the knowledge of self. Power is the ability to manifest your understanding of life. Refinement is to refind your mind mentally & physically. ( refindment is to refind culture)

THE #6 SYMBOLIZES EQUALITY: equality means to deal equal

THE #7 SYMBOLIZES GOD: god, which is ALLAH the supreme being sole controller of the universe. Supreme means most high & being means existence. (God rules the universe. God can show and prove the highest form of intelligence that exist)

THE #8 SYMBOLIZES BUILD & DESTROY: Build means to build on possitive thoughts & actions. Destroy means to destroy all devilishment. To subtract to take away. (build is elevation by adding onto life possitively)

THE #9 SYMBOLIZES BORN: Born is to be brought out the darkness into light. Born is to make something known. #9 is born, as it takes 9 months, and 9 stages to manifest or make anything complete within itself.

THE #0 SYMBOLIZES CIPHER: which is a 360 degree circle of perfection. 120 degrees of knowledge, 120 degrees of wisdom, 120 degrees of understanding. (with out just one of the 120 degrees your cipher is incomplete. O ) *