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12 Jewels
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"12 jewels"


The 12 Jewels of Islam is considered a Plus degree but is expected by all members of the 5% nation to be known and studied like the 8 foundational lessons. When studying the lessons, the 12 Jewels of Islam would be studied after the supreme alphabets.

JEWEL #1 KNOWLEDGE: which is the foundation of all things in existence.
Another breakdown: is the foundation to all things in existence cause the knowledge being symbolic to the sun only saying the light onto his universe which the sun, moon, & star. O ) *

JEWEL #2 WISDOM: is the manefestation of the knowledge one acquires.
Another breakdown: is the woman who concieves God's light and reflects it to the understanding. Wisdom is the way by manifesting the knowledge of self to the Wisdom so you be able to build & destroy on while she is secondary and nessesary to the original man.

JEWEL #3 UNDERSTANDING: is the mental picture projected through knowledge & wisdom.
Another breakdown: is something you must have knowledge & wisdom before you understand what the duty of god which is making the knowledge understood by everyone.

JEWEL #4 FREEDOM: is to free the dome so that you may express your culture (Islam) with no restrictions.
Antoher breakdown: is thebe freed mentally ny freeing the dome from all devilish ways so you could build for a possitive state. Also physically by being freed in the 1800's from slavery which they took the chains off physically and put the on our minds until we got knowledge of self.

JEWEL #5 JUSTICE: is the reward or penalty given to the one according to their own deeds.
Another breakdown: is better judgement of two men. Knowledge manifested through the wisdom, be balanced out on a scale of equality which is saying just-I-see-equality. Just Islam see and understand the equality between the knowledge, wisdom, & understanding.

JEWEL #6 EQUALITY: is to deal equal with one another and all things. Each one teach one.
Another breakdown: is to be me alike spreading the knowledge, wisdom, & understanding to my brothers & sisters of Islam. Equality is to be equaling in all ways like Allah only saying, "no man is better than another."

JEWEL #7 FOOD: is the nourishment needed to sustain one physically and mentally. Physically by the nutritious elements given to the body to keep it heathly. Mentally, by Allah's Mathmatics.
Another breakdown: is a nourishing substance taking in for thought and body. Food for the thought is Allah's Mathmatics. Food for your body, is that food that is good for you to keep you strong.

JEWEL #8 CLOTHING: is the covering of the body to protect it physically. Mentally, it is the covering of the mind to protect it from negatory thoughts or suggestions.
Another breakdown: is like shekter to cover the body when you are in mother nature's weather. Clothing for the mind is the knowledge you build upon to keep your mind strong.

JEWEL #9 SHELTER: physically, is the home, or place of residence where one finds peace and protection from negative weather. Mentally, it is the mind.
Another breakdown: Is a place to go and protect you from negative happenings, like the weather. Shelter for the mind be your dome, it's where you store the knowledge.

JEWEL #10 LOVE: is the highest elevation of understanding, with a force so strong that it cannot be broken.
Another breakdown: Is the highest elevation of two forces it's to the understanding of the conference and bondage of two people with unity and activation of the two gives off sparks which are called love.

JEWEL #11 PEACE: is a universal greeting coming out of love because without love there could never be peace.
Another breakdown: is a universal greeting coming from love because when you got that love you got peace. PEACE is Possitive Education Allah sees Elevation, Possitive Education Always Correct Errors. Because if your education shows you're striving to be possitive, Allah is going to see elevation in the physical and mental.

JEWEL #12 HAPPINESS: is the state one achieves out of love and peace.
Another breakdown: is a feeling of being content; solitude with one's self which you can't have unless you have the love and peace to bring about the happiness.