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Break Beats
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Supreme Mathematics Supreme Alphabets
12 Jewels
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In the state of Richmond, Virginia we began as six MC's. DEFAngel, Las Crusada, Supreme Son, Daytona, WarNPeace, and Elementall. There are only officially six in the immediate crew but, Foot Soldiers consist of more members. Foot Soldiers originated a different group known as VA-M-Pires/Vampires. VA-M-Pires is a seperate group of lyricist, but in the same breed as the Foot Soldiers. The purpose of the union between the Foot Soldiers and VA-M-Pires is based on the Asiatic philosophies. They consist of the Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, and the 12 Jewels(see links). Most frequently we quote the principles as we verse our lyrics, and at any time can explain.

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