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Dj Deuce's House Site

I've got to give respect to house music...A format which I was niave to until the last year and a half or so....Being a hip-hop junkie you kind of dispell dance music, and don't really give it a shot.....

House music plays upon the same elements in Hip-Hop...Using jazzy, soulfull, disco hooks and sounds......It's just feel good music that makes you wanna' dance....

This page is dedicated to the wonderful world of house music....Don't Let yourself be pigeon-holed into a single music format....You'd be surpised what else is out there....!!!!

Deuce's Top 15 House Tracks

  • Artful Dodger - Movin' Too Fast - Locked-On XL
  • Davids Daughters - Dreaming of Loving You - ZTT
  • Roy Davis Jr. - Gabrielle - Locked-On XL
  • Ian Pooley - Corcao Tambor - V2
  • Modjo - Lady - (Roy Davis Mix) - Universal
  • Georgie Porgie - Life Goes On - White Label
  • Afro Medusa - Pasilda - (Knee Deep Mix) - Azuli
  • De Funk - Pleasure Love
  • St. Germain - Rose Rouge - Virgin
  • Bob Sinclar - I Feel For You - (Astrowax Mix) - Universal
  • Ram-Z - Let Me Be The One - (Kelly G. Mix) - Universal
  • Laroche - The Way That You Love Me - Popular
  • Le Smoove Club - Baby Gets Hi - Song-Corp

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