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If Eminem Did Jingle Bells ...Hmmm



Yall Know The Words !!
Sing Along !!
Well Maybe Not !!
LOL !!
Jingle Bells !!
Eninem Style !! 
Awesome Song !!

As You Can Tell .. I Am NOT A Fan Of So Called Santa But I Am A HUGE Fan Of Eminem !! God Bless Him !!

Note: This is a re-posting of How The Grinch Stole Christians since the first posting of it did not include the actual poem. == How The Grinch Stole Christians Down in hell was a demon Grinch who was in sort of an idea pinch He wanted to steal the strength and zeal Of the righteous people of Christianville So to his hell hound he strapped a sleigh And with the crack of a whip, said, "Up, up and away!" He crept into Christianville and stole every toy From every good Christianville girl and each boy He took every luxury and every vice And emptied each house out only leaving the mice Then he emptied out pain and emptied out woe Into each place that this foul Grinch would go He thought persecution would end their delight So he hung out depression like the blackness of night As he rode out of Christianville, he said with a grin, "Those losers will never joy in Christ again!" But he heard praises to God getting louder and longer The things that he took were just making them stronger! "Blasted!", he said, as he hopped off his sleigh "I must stop those Christians, there must be a way!" Then something happened inside of his head He thought he would supply them with new daily bread So he loaded his sleigh with silver and gold, The bounty he carried held riches untold Vanities that would make them all look like stars Prosperity gospel and luxury cars He handed them loans with low interest rates And unequally yoked them with heathens for mates Put women to work, as men worked even more And troubled their souls about the future in store He installed all their TV sets with access to smut As on fast food and snacks they would all sit and glut He got them so busy they didn't have space To think about God or give Him a place He buried the gifts God had gifted them with And got them to all set their hearts out adrift Soon they were caught up in music and mirth A New Age of reasoning had taken birth No more deniable, objectionable sin Now they had welcomed even more demons in And now they had gotten so far from the Word To spend time with God seemed unwise and absurd They worshipped themselves, and themselves alone Their once softened hearts had now turned to stone The Grinch had a glow of pride on his face That nothing short of a soul lost to Hell could replace Then something happened that got the Grinch down The Holy Spirit decided to move in that town The Grinch started quaking and fear led to dread When the Holy Spirit sent His conviction ahead The Christians were starting to resent the stuff That had soured their walk and made their hearts tough The Grinch needed help, but it was too late Before he skipped town they came storming his gate "You took our righteousness, you took our faith! So we're taking authority, get out of this place!" Then the gates fell down and the Grinch went away Because Christians submitted to God on that day And God's Holy Spirit found a place in that town and restored all that was lost to all those around! And up in a blaze went the enemy's lies As the Christians in Christianville finally got wise.

Oh My !! Bush & The Grinch Are Twins !! And The Same Evil !!

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