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About Me!

Stage Name: 007
Name: Brian
Birth Date: November 5
Home Town: San Antonio, TX
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Food: Italian Food
Favorite Color: Yellow/Blue
Favorite Movie: Bad Boys
Favorite Actor: Bruce Willis
Favorite Actress: Regina King
Favorite Place To Visit: H-Town
Favorite Singer/Male: Sisqo/Nokio
Favorite Singer/Female: Aaliyah
Favorite Song: Beauty
Favorite Group: Dru Hill
Who Influenced You Musically: Guess?!
Favorite Thing To Do: Listen to Music & Play on The Internet
What 4 People Would You Like To Meet & Why?:
1). Sisqo Why: Because he's Sisqo!
2). Nokio Why: Because he's Nokio!
3). Jazz Why: Because he's Jazz!
4.) Woody Why: Because he's Woody!
Favorite Quote: "Try try again!"

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