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Jazz's Hangout!

Jazz Fact Sheet

Stage Name: Jazz
Name: Larry Anthony Jr.
Birth Date: March 23
Home Town: Baltimore, Md
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Color: Gray
Favorite Book: To Kill A Mocking Bird
Favorite Movie: Never Ending Story
Favorite Actor: Bokeem Woodbine
Favorite Actress: Angela Bassett
Favorite Place To Visit: High School
Favorite Singer/Male: Marvin Gaye
Favorite Singer/Female: Vesta
Favorite Song: What's Going On
Favorite Group: Jodeci
Who Influenced You Musically: Stylistic, Blue Magic, Spiro Gyro, Marvin Gaye, Mint Condition.
Favorite Thing To Do: Write Songs, Play Drums & Bass, & Acoustic Guitar.
What 3 People Would You Like To Meet & Why?:
1). Mint Condition Why: I idolize them. They are great band!
2). Stevie Wonder Why: He is a legend and a musical genius!
3). Angela Bassett Why: She Is Bad!!!

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