Whhhhaaaaszzzuuupp!!! These are pictures of My 2000 school year at Dr Phillips so far. The Fashion show pics are on the top. We need to thank Master Photographer Big Ben Stout for those stunning images. Most of them are of the pep rally where all the girls got there crazy blue makeup and stuff like that out and got the guys with it too.

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Awwww we miss you too!

Me and Sarah on Stage :O)

Sarah Karen My sis and Amber

FBVA Summer Champions ~ My dad, Austin, Steven, Dwayne, Me, Ben(tall guy), H.T., and Farhan

Deano & Dwayne JUNIORS 02'

Vanessa & Lauren Seniors 01'

Denise & Jacki Seniors 01'

I think u can see Bens head allll the way in the back there

Sarah in her little Dp Divas Uniform lol