Whhhhaaaaszzzuuupp!!! Now you can see what I do at a day of school. Here are just some pictures of my freinds and I think they came out really great :O)~ This takes awile to load cause of all the big pictures so just be patient :O)

Sign the Message Board PLEASE!!!

This is me, Jamie, Ben, Courtney, Jacki and Sarah. But the negative got scratched, thats the big ol' black line in the pic >:(

This is Lisa, Jacki, Courtney and Marie. Sorry Lisa but you got cut off >:(

Dwayne and Denise(She doesnt want this pic here but its stayin till she gives me another one! *hint hint* *wink wink*)

Ohhhh Lord would u look at those! Shouldnt u get suspended for bringing those guns to school?! Ohh my!

Sarah and Courtney!


And if u dont like the page thats all i gotta say about that. Thx Brian.