Whaaaazzzuuuuupp!!! Thanks for comming to my page! U know who i am if you r here so no need to explain right? Well this is Deano if u didnt know :o)~ Im just puttin some pics here so all u can see, and if i left u out, too bad! Nah im just playin, tell me if i forgot u and i'll see what i can do. Make sure to put something on my message board! There is a link button at the bottom. And this page is G-rated so u can show your parents too :o)~

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Didn't I look so good? What happened?!?! Oh well :o(

Danielle, Me, the white kid i dont know, Nate then in the next pic it is me and Melissa

That would be just about all my best friends chillin' at city walk b4 homecomming :o) The tall guy in the back is my best freind Big Ben! My freinds are too freakin tall!

Vanessa, Kristine, and Lauren...and that dude in the back is me! These girls are maaaaad pretty and i know your jealous! I know you are!

Cristal and my sis Danielle. Tru Tru. Ut ohhhhh! Don't look now but the pimps are comming up next!

These studs would be me and Big Ben. Then Melissa and me at the fashion show