Little somethin bout Deano

Me My Sis

Name: Dean Markley
Nickname: Deano, D-rock, playboy, stud, The freak, beast, monster, steel (basketball names), and the girls say cutie or sweetie - But Sarah has plenty that she just calls me for the hell of it! BAby Bubble Butt, White Negro, Kinky Cow...:O)~ And now people are calling me CutiePatootie! WHAT IS THIS?!
Height: 5'11
Weight: 148
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA
Birthday: 7-13-84, 16 years old for all those gifted math people out there :O)~
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: dark brown/black
Marital Status: SARAH!!! She is my baby :O) 6-9-00 ~~> Forever
Religion: dont have one
School: Dr Phillips High School - 11th grade
City: Orlando, FL
Hobbies: Basketball, Chillin with Ben and Sarah, eating and basketball. Oh yeah and basketball
Personal Quote: Im cool! my mommy sez so! LoL! yeah right...heres the real one: Parts with nuttin' ya'll be frontin, me give my heart to a woman? Not for nuthin, never happen, I'll be forever mackin! - OK so i lied, my heart belongs to Sarah lol.
Words to live by: Dont listen to what people say cause if they are talkin junk then they arnt freinds and what does it matter what the hell they think? NO!
Shout Outs: The most important person in my life, Ma Dawg Big Ben! The most important woman in my not my mom!...SARAH! She is ma Baby :O) Much love for all my older sisters, Courtney, Marie, JAMIE, Bens sis Sarah and Jacki. Tha girls DP basketball team, Channel is freakin Awesome! Ma Boyz Ricky and Dwayne, keep outta trouble PLEASE! Dwaynes baby denise and her freinds Vanessa, Melissa, Ami, Jacki... You know i love all of you!
Ill Have more i just need ideas! I guess u could email questions and i could write them on here...?