This is Big Ben & his sister Sara

Name: Ben Stout
Nickname: BIG BEN!, spydaman, eraser, shorty, stretch, too tall, tall ass...i think u get the point.
Height: 7foot
Weight: All im gonna say is not enough
Birthplace: WinterPark, Florida
Birthday: 7-1-84
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown
Religion: I dunno, ask him...
School: Dr Phillips High School - 11th grade
City: Orlando, FL
Marital Status: ~*~*~>>KaTe<<~*~*~
Hobbies: Basketball, girls, eating and basketball. Oh yeah and basketball, chillin at wet n' wild and ridin my bad ass dirt bike.
Shout outz 2: My Dawgz SuperDean, The Oreo Cookie Dwayne, The Dominican Pimp Ricky, Lil' Jose, And H.T. Money!!!!!!! My Ladiez Michi, Nicole, Anne, Valerie, Denise, Lil' Sarah, Valentina, Lianna, Melissa, Lauren, Venessa, Cristal, and all those other fyne hoes at DP!!!!!! My Older Sisterz Sarah, Courtney, and Marie! Wut up to my Idol, Chanel and all the other girls and guys on the DP basketball teams!! Also a Big Shout Out To My Sexy Louisiana Girl Emily!!! Lemme know if I forgot anyone and ill give ya a mention!!!
Personal Quote: We wrote this song on a bus the other day so sit back...relax...and have a nice tall glass of SHUT THE H*LL UP!!!

Im the 7 foot man
Ive commited no crime
bumping my head into doorways
it happens all the time

Im 7 feet tall, and i repeat
they dont make a ski boot
that can fit my feet
im 7 feet taaaaall
and i do play basketball

Im 7 feet tall
but im still just a man
so of coarse it hurts me alot
when i walk into the ceiling fan

small people say i wish i was him
but its been 9 years since ive had a trim
the barber saaaaaid
i cant reach the top of his head

(7 foot man)
i cannot mind
(7 foot man)
i know cause ive tried
(7 foot man)
my last girlfreind died
cause my peeeeeenis

so next time you see me walking around
and my head is about to hit a tree branch
tell me to duck down
and ill pay u back, soon you will see
by getting your frisbee down from that tree
i do what i caaaaan
Im the 7 foot man