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~*~Lil Leathel~*~
Lil Leathel's Record:1-0-0

People Used: Lil Leathel

Achievements: being a member of Devine Dynasty

People Mentioned: Mike

~*~Scene ~*~
The scene opens up with A bunch of girls surrounding around a hummer. The hummer door opens up and we see Lethal get out. He is decked out in nothing but a white suit and hat. The girls start to swarm around him as he starts to sign autographs and take pictures. A few minutes pass and the OCWA sercuity clear a path for Lethal to enter the arena. Before he walks in the building he stops and waves to all the girls. As he enters the building he is stop by Angel Martin. He looks her up and down as she does the same.

Angel: Mr. Lethal can I get a interview with you?

Lethal: you sure in hell can.

She looks him up and down agian. She then smiles.

Angel: last Havoc you came out with your first win in OCWA agisnt Trevoc in ladder match. How do you feel about that win?

Lethal: I feel great about it, my debut match and I won it. How else should I feel? I went out there and put on one hell of a show and did my part. I came out on top. I said I was going to win and well I did just that.

Angel: you sure did, now you go on to face Mike Carparnter (if i spelled it wrong let me know) on wesnday again your 2nd match. Any thoughts on the match?

Lethal: Just a few, it is my 2nd match so I cant go on saying that I will be the domiant one. I saw what Mike had last week and wasnt that great. So this match might be easy for me or might be hard. Just got to wiat and find out.

Angel: Okay, any thoughts on your opppenot Mike?

Lethal: Well actually no, not at all. Just that if he thinks this is the only promo I have for him, and that I will be easy to be at Havoc he then needs to wake up. I might be small but I am Deadly. Mike, be ready beacuse the Lethal Injection will be injected into you.

*she smiles at the thought*Angel: Rumors are that Divine is getting more people to join, is that true and can you reveal who they are?

Lethal: It is true, but I will not reveal anything. I will let Devine and Winters do that. So I must go now.

Lethal walks off as the interview ends. Angel watches him walk way.